Integration of Amazon Music High Resolution

Hardware vs Software.

This already works fine on my Bluesound Vault. Just need it to hook into Roon now, as Amazon’s native navigation leaves a lot to be desired, even via the Bluesound app.

I too would add my weight to a call for Roon to integrate the new Amazon HD and Ultra HD music streaming service. Support of Tidal and Qubuz was very important to those of us like me with a small local library, but this new Amazon service changes everything.

IMHO Roon support and integration of this new Amazon HD and Ultra HD streaming service could be essential to Roon’s future, for users with small local libraries, and those who want a common interface and distribution of music content.


^ This.

Assuming the SQ from Amazon is on par with streaming from Qobuz.


As I understand it, Spotify won’t allow Roon the access to Spotify’s servers that Roon needs to create the library management experience we love. If Amazon won’t do the same, and if Tidal & Quboz get squeezed out of the market, this could spell significant problems for Roon. But all of that is a ways off, will be interesting to see how it plays out.


Doesn’t necessarily have to be a ways off. Just ask MoviePass

Please, I would also like to see Amazon Music integrated into Roon.


I think this announcement is nothing new for roon. Question is: what is agreed and planned with Amazon?

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I subscribe to Tidal and Qobuz. I would REALLY like the Amazon HD music function to appear in Roon. Roon radio is great at pulling music from both services. I would like to get this kind of function from something I already subscribe to.

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+1 on this.hope this turns out great.i like the idea because amazon has a lot of resources to pull this through and they can very easily rapidly expand the library of hi res

roon folks please start talking to amazon on integration

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Hi, any chance Amazon Music HD will be integrated to Roon?


Another vote for this request from a lifetime Roon user.

As some have already pointed out I suspect that what is possible, if anything, will depend on what APIs Amazon offers for integration so maybe Roon will need to do a bit of a sales job to get Amazon’s attention.

I’m not sure if there are many like me but Roon is central to my music listening now and the way it integrates my personal music collection with my Tidal account is critical to me. If Amazon were to enable a Roon integration then Amazon HD would most definitely be something that I would consider switching to and dumping my Tidal account but if there is no Amazon integration then I don’t really consider it an option for me.

If part of Amazon’s strategy is to try and squeeze Tidal and Qobuz out of the market then at least for this potential customer it needs to integrate with Roon to even get on the playing field. I’m not even willing to take up the 90 day free trial period until it is integrated with Roon because without Roon integration I’d rather spend £7 a month more for Tidal or Qobuz and actually get daily use out of them via the Roon integration.


I hope Roon can integrate with Amazon HD Music before they bankrupt Tidal and Qobuz!


+1 on the feature request to add support for Amazon Music HD

In fact, the only way I’d pay for Amazon Music HD is if there’s Roon integration. Bought the lifetime subscription because Roon has a good CX for when I really want to listen to music.


+1 on the feature request. Please add Amazon Music support to Roon. :slight_smile:


I just wonder if this is a Spotify like situation where Amazon won’t grant Roon the type of server access it needs? Roon had to know about all of this before now, it’s concerning that Roon wasn’t on the list of approved folks. Roon is important to us, but how many subscribers does Roon have, like 100K or so? That’s a meaningless number to the likes of Amazon who are chasing Apple’s and Spotify’s tens of millions of members.

Hopefully Roon management will speak to us about the situation soon. If Amazon delivers a competent service, its crushing Quboz and Tidal on price.

+1 for this integration

+1 for Amazon Music HD support.

+1 here as well.

The integration of Amazon would absolutely ensure that at least one music service is available on the Roon platform . Amazon will not be shutting this service down . The same can’t necessarily be said for Tidal or Qobuz.