Integration of Amazon Music High Resolution

I agree completely.
It will be interesting to see if Amazon engage with Roon on this. After all, engaging with Roon is probably both insignificant, and possibly incompatible with Amazon’s business strategy with regard to Amazon Music’s growth and dominance in the marketplace.
However, I agree that a successful partnership with Roon will benefit Roon, and probably contribute demonstrably to their future growth.


+1 for Amazon integration :pray::pray:

I think what Roon has is a very strong presence in hifi magazines and among audiophiles, and Amazon might want in on that for marketing purposes.


I think roon integration will benefit Amazon. I’m sure next year Apple with have a hi-res service that will only be compatible with other Apple products. So if Amazon gives access to as many third party services as possible, this can only benefit them. The all ready list a bunch of hardware companies on their web page.

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any plans for integration? I’d love to drop Tidal.

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Let’s keep this topic about the feature request, there’s dedicated topic to discuss Amazon’s initiative…

Why would I want Tidal or Qobuz if I can get the same Hirez and perhaps more cd quality at a fraction of the price with Amazon? How can Tidal and qobuz survive this?

Maybe there are some short comings but I don’t see why there should be.

My qobuz sublime has discounted downloads. I love the Roon integration but if Amazon is added why would I want to continue qobuz? Just these two reasons?

Maybe some think tidal mqa sounds better and like the lower file size?

I would welcome Amazon Roon integration

I just started the trial, so far the experience was pretty slick, once disabled the Volume Normalization :nauseated_face:

I strongly encourage Roon community to drop a feedback asking Amazon to consider to work on Roon integration, in the app, click on your name at the left of the search box, and select Help and then Tell us how we’re doing, and use the text box to let them now.
Amazon has millions of customers, Roon far less (safe expectation), but more active and versed toward Audio Quality.
Come on, Rooner, it takes litterally 2 minutes to send the feedback :metal:

Here’s mine:


What does it say that no one from Roon has commented in any way?

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I think that means they have no ‘yes’ and no ‘no’ yet :slight_smile:
They will tell us when a) they know if it is technically possible with Amazons API and b) if Amazon allows it.


It says, they are busy with the next Roon release.


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My guess is that some business deal is in progress, and before its finalized the employees have strict orders not to give any comments whatsoever. The question then becomes: what business deal? Might even be something more than Roon integration (Amazon is quite a big player after all).

Of course I would welcome Amazon Music integration with Roon. I agree no comment from Roon so far probably means they are in discussions.


Amazon can be used with Chromecast via an android device.

Maybe Amazon is in discussions with Roon pertaining to a possible buy-out?

Hd not supported on chromecast.

Roon - please respond to your customers. You at least owe us some type of high-level communication - even if it is “We are looking into it - more to come”. Your silence is deafening,.