Integration of Amazon Music High Resolution

+1 from me as well. I’ll be waiting for Amazon HD integration before I purchase Roon

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You’ll be waiting a long time… why do this to yourself. All the music is already on the services we have… I don’t get it.


At that point in time, in about 5 years, you won’t be able to purchase Roon.
It will only be available for a yearly subscription fee.


This makes no sense to me. If you want the benefits of Roon, why wait for Amazon that will probably never happen? Amazon is $15 per month. Qobuz is $15 per month or $12.50 if you purchase a yearly subscription. Or, Tidal is $20 per month.


It seems to me that people could be going here and requesting the integration.

There’s even a thread: I also suggest anyone after Roon/Amazon integration should post there.


@Elnrik @mikeb – From the Amazon forum you both referenced:

So posting here won’t get to Amazon at all unfortunately.

Well that sucks

Yup. Lol.

I’m reaching out to Steve Bloom, the VP of Music for Amazon. I don’t know him so don’t know if he’ll dialog with me, but his boss Jeff Blackburn, SVP (runs Movies/TV/Music/Advertising/Corp Dev) was on the board of my last company and I know well so that might get Steve to respond. Unfortunately Jeff is on sabbatical at the moment so reaching out to him won’t help. We’ll see where the ping to Steve leads. Though Amazon is notoriously secretive and tight lipped so doubt he’ll say much even if we correspond, but at least we’d know the request to integrate with Roon got to the right hands.


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I have reached out to my nephew who has been in management at Amazon for several years now, but not in the music service area, to see if he can “put a bug in the ear” of someone over in the music area, if he knows anyone on those teams, to see if they might be able to integrate with Roon.

I strongly suspect that, for Roon to integrate, they would need to make calls from the box running the Roon core to the Amazon servers, log on and request music from their systems. As well, I also strongly suspect that they would need Amazon to feed them metadata on a regular basis (custom Amazon to Roon interface, run daily?) It’s not a “given” that the small number of audiophiles who would subscribe to the Amazon hi-res service would be enough for them to be interested.

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I just signed up for 3 months free Amazon HD which includes Ultra HD. I see the HD is 16/48 K and that is fine but the ultra HD is 24/44.1, 24/48, 24/96 and 24/192 But my echo Link can not play past 16/48k. ???

Hi Michael, There’s also 24-bit/96 & 192 available for certain albums too. Have you clicked on the Ultra HD badge (small yellow logo underneath the artist when playing to see the actual resolution and what you are achieving).

A lot of wireless streaming solutions won’t reach 24-bit/192, I’m guessing, but perhaps this is why in your case? There’s also a lot of information in the thread discussion about upsampling and what gear is needed to get best (most accurate) results (Bluesound Node 2i etc). I hope this helps!


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I corrected my post above…My issue and grip is I just learned my new echo link that is hooked up to my preamp via coaxial can only output 16/48k. I am debating to return it but sound wise it is pretty good considering it is used for whole home Alexa controlled music distribution. My wife loves it. During my time at the helm I switch over to my Roon system.

Don’t be foolish, it’s a keeper then :rofl:


Yes, words of wisdom Mike. I will keep it until I can replace it with version 2. :grin:

Please add Amazon Music to the Services. Apart from having a much bigger classical music catalogue, it’s cheaper than Tidal and Qobuz.


Please do a search before adding a duplicate request.

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When I try to play Roon Radio with Tidal, it repeatedly says it can’t find similar tracks. It’s purely a personal thing, depending on what kind of music you like.