Integration of Amazon Music High Resolution

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I would be happy with a “lite” interface Roon offering - to save me using the rubbish Amazon app


Before that can happen, Amazon must decide it WANTS to be integrated with Roon. I am sure Roon would love for that to happen, but as of yet, it appears to be something Amazon is not at all interested in. If it ever does happen, I would seriously consider using A-HD.


I agree. If Amazon wants to integrate with Roon, there is interface work, Amazon to Roon that they would need to do. I suspect that Room gets a regular (daily?) interface from Tidal and Qobuz, sending them metadata dumps, so Roon can attach it to the digital content.
If Amazon would integrate with Roon, I’d try that out immediately, and would think of dropping my Tidal and Qobuz subscriptions.


I’d like this service as well.

Am I correct that no one at Roon has responded to this thread?

No, Roon has posted.

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Oh, ok, thank you! :slight_smile:

have you considered Qobuz?

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Any plans for Roon to support Amazon Music HD?


Not that I know of, they would need full Roon integration. You have two other great alternatives offering all the music in the world in high quality.

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If it’s like other fields in which Amazon has done business, it could easily overwhelm those other services in short time… Still would like Roon to integrate with Amazon Alexa too…

Such integration is not up to Roon alone, it requires Amazon co-operation, as discussed extensively in the thread above.

Replying to Chris’ “all the music in the world” quote. I listen mostly to rock and some classical and jazz. I was with Tidal for about 8 months. It was fine through Roon as an extension of my existing owned music but worthless on it’s own if you aren’t into hip-hop/rap. Everything is slanted so heavily towards those genre’s. Yes, they do have ways to customize this, a little, but nothing like Spotify or most other services. I thought Tidal’s discovery and playlists were really poor and limited compared to other services.

I was excited for Qobuz and signed up for a trial in December 2019. I couldn’t find a way to search their catalog without signing up, if there is, please let me know. I installed the app and was 0 for 5 in terms of my first band searches. There were 0 Metallica albums (they have since added a few as I found out because I’m on their email list still) and under their discovery features, they essentially dumped all rock and pop together into one list (maybe two, I might be off a bit here).

If you use Roon, there are probably 50 or more (maybe even into the 100’s) of subgenre’s just under what Qobuz would lump into a single rock category as “rock.” I’m assuming that this is the case for other types of music as well.

This is why I keep hoping for Amazon HD or maybe a future Spotify HD so that I can get a decent in-car music experience and extend it to Roon as well.


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I listen to a lot of 70’s, some 80’s, jazz and classical and find plenty on Tidal. I have zero interest in hip hop or rap.


I really hope ROON will integrate Amazon HR streaming soon. Tidal and Qobuz are not available where I live. If the integration won’t happen / fails it might be a reason for me not to become a long-term ROON customer.


Once again, as has been repeated ad infinitum, the ball isn’t in Roon’s court.

It is up to Amazon whether a Roon integration happens, so instead of threatening Roon with loss of your patronage, you would be better served by lobbying Amazon.

Still, don’t hold out hope that the integration will happen.


He wasn’t threatening anything, he was just making a valid point based on service availability.

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