Integration of Amazon Music High Resolution

It is a veiled threat.

The OP is telling Roon that if it doesn’t take a course of action, then he might be unable to reward them with his money.

If it wasn’t meant that way, then what was the point of including it in the original post?

Without this statement -

His post would have still made the point that he would like Amazon integration.
As in -

Still, who cares whether it was a threat or not? That wasn’t the point of my post.

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Dear Tony,
thanks for your welcome!

@xxx: Interpreting my opinion as a threat, well…is your opinion - so be it.

I can only speak for myself and I am currently switching from a 14-days test to a 1-year Roon membership - and I like what I see. Beside all the cross references and additional music related information, I am especially impressed with the technical “flow” from file to endpoint. Nice.


Roon is neither a holy grail nor a charity - it is a product coming with a business model integration, specifically catering audiophile people; hence Roon decided to integrate high quality audio streaming via two companies - so far.

Every user of a product like Roon will have some specific reason to use the software and its business model representation. As Roon is leaning towards audiophile people it bears some kind of logic to expand the high res audio streaming integration towards the “new kid on the block”. (I am aware that there might be tons of contractual and technical issues involved)

Some users will have the choice which of those offered streaming services to use - others not, due to their geo-location. As I am belonging to the second group I’ll definitely watch what will happen within this year of MY Roon membership concerning the high res audio streaming possibilities, because I do not base my “buying decisions” on hope - but on simple facts and/or availability.

@xxx: you made a good point by saying:

I will.



…forgot to mention that I would love to read some kind of statement / feedback about this topic from Roon - I am searching in this nice forum already, but somehow I do not find such info written in recent time…


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Just scroll up.


Oh, that’s it? I see. Thank you anyway.
Well, I know what to do now, as I am still in my Amazon HD trial period…

Hello Volker. I hope you enjoy the trial. As to the above, quite a few people on this forum report success with signing up with e.g. Qobuz USA or other regions different from where they live, by using a VPN just for the one-off subscription process. (others report problems with acceptance of a credit card from a region other than the one for which the subscribe). Might be worth looking into this, especially with subscription costs having gone down recently.

Like you I was initially interested in integration with Amazon HD, but it is really hard to see the rationale from Amazon’s perspective, so don’t hold your breath. For the foreseeable future, Qobuz and Tidal seem to me much more natural fits in terms of user base size and profile. And the integration is there already…
No harm in flagging your interest in Roon integration with Amazon of course!

Enjoy Roon. (and the forum - it’s generally nice place to hang out, with many helpful and knowledgeable people)


How can we make Amazon seeing the light? I think a connection with some sorts of heads or management of the Amazon Music Department would do. No point of giving feedback or complaints to the Help Desk.

Having said that, I do not want to see Amazon kill Qobuz, Tidal.

Roon has talked with Amazon, I believe.

I really hope that the recent D+M announcement will position Roon as the premier whole home audio platform. It by FAR has the most usability and capability of any of the mainstream whole home audio solutions that I have tried. But, the mindset that it was “audiophile only” and that streaming music is a “secondary focus to local music library” always kept me hitting a wall and going back to Bluesound’s interface. Not sure these were Roon’s official stances, but they were the ones that were most vocal on the forum.

The D+M announcement seems to push Roon more into the mainstream. Its name is now popping up all over the place with this announcement. And hopefully Amazon will take notice.

While the $500 price tag for Roon seems high, but now you can get a Roon Tested AVR-1500 for less than the price of a Heos Amp or PowerNode. Sure its basically airplay connection, but I dont really care too much about audio quality on my in-ceiling zones. But I do want to be able to play the same source…through the same INTERFACE…on all those speakers in the house. A bluesound node for the single Stereo In-ceiling in the bathroom seems overkill. So, its on a zone with another room. That will get moved off to its own zone now with an rPi.

I stream 90% of the music I listen to. Could be anything…whatever mood I am in that day. Bob Dylan to Beastie Boys to Elmore James to Bach. Amazon Music is my preferred streaming provider now.

I am really hoping Roon and Amazon can get the integration straightened out soon. And I have to give the Roon team full credit for doing their part with this new announcement. Hopefully Amazon will listen and at least come to the table. Either way, I will be reinstalling Roon this week to play with the new integration with the D+M equipment and see if it will work for my home. Either way, great job on the Roon side getting this done.

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I just don’t get what amazon will bring to what we have already… all the music in the world in CD, High def and MQA

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Insurance :slight_smile:


What else could they have said ?

I’m sure this is a dumb question, but who are D+M and what was their announcement?

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Denon and Marantz. They just announced a huge addition of “Roon Tested” devices. Really nothing more than Airplay connection, but it does send a signal that they are working together. Denon were the ones to announce it early. So, they do seem excited about the partnership.


Glad you asked :sleeping:


Wise comment

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Perhaps, a more complete catalog. I used to be with Tidal and had different albums than what I have now with Qobuz. But, since I can only use one, I am now missing some things from Tidal while I gained a few new things from Qobuz.

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What Amazon integration would bring over Qobuz is a deeper library. They’ve improved a lot but still finding holes. And also having more choices should always be a good thing. Would also give people a choice over Tidal who would rather have hires streams over MQA (please no MQA tangents).

I think any cd streaming service that’s willing to work with roon should be considered. I personally think the cutoff should be at least cd quality but roon has very poor quality internet radio stations integrated, so listener’s choice.


Totally agree. Options are good. Peoples opinions not so much.

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Couldn’t agree more!!!
The fact is Qobuz is still only available in 12 countries, which is Eurocentric, other than the USA. It is not available in a single country in the Asia Pacific for example. I am not an Amazon user. However, more choices for users, especially given many are excluded from Qobuz needs to be taken into consideration. If it is possible for Roon to work with Amazon or any other new player that may appear on the market, I’m certainly all for that.

No doubt there is a cost involved for Roon, which I would assume is the stumbling block, rather than deliberately wanting it’s users to have a narrower selection of streaming services available for use. Given Qobuz is relatively new & still small, I suspect there was minimal cost for Roon to include them, as Roon by way of integration is providing Qobuz ‘free’ marketing.

Please look away, I didn’t share my opinion. :laughing:

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