Integration of Amazon Music High Resolution

I can tell you the standalone Amazon apps on ios and and mac are horrific. Metadata is jumbled and organization of your music is a complete mess.

Hopefully Roon will be able to integrate Amazon HD to make this service worthwhile.

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I don’t want it, perfectly happy with Tidal and quality delivery that is integrated. I’m almost certain Amazon can’t be bothered with Roon as they have requirements that Amazon won’t want to meet.

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Yeah I’m guessing Amazon could care less about integration with Roon . The ultra HD does sound damn good on Amazon though . IMO better than MQA though I don’t have an MQA dac .

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I have very happy with Tidal too but my concern is about their financial condition . Qobuz’s music selection stinks . So after that , what music services does Roon have ? Tidal had been in arrears on payments to the royalty agency for years

I have over 850 albums linked in Tidal. I have the same 850 linked in Qobuz.

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The financial conditions of any independent will never be any good if we all fawn to the Giants. You gotta stand up to it. Support independents or there will be nothing left

We nearly lost our brewing industry to the corporates years ago, thank God for the Real Ale movement who hung in for quality.


Without a DAC and a decent set up, you can’t know that. MQA sounds sublime on my Meridian DSP SE set up. I can’t see amazon having any interest in quality beyond Slogans. They produce lowest common denominator for the masses, that’s the model.


I tried Amazon music HD and didn’t think I think IT sounded that good. I also quickly discovered that stapling my tongue to a wall was more fun than trying to get to grips with their app which, as orders have said, make even the most user unfriendly of interfaces look class leading.

The only reason I would want to see Amazon integration is it might encourage more users to Roon and as I’d like to see Roon grow and become even better this would be a good thing. I wouldn’t consider using it myself.

For whatever reason, it seems Qobuz has been and continues to be a good option for you and some others, but that’s still not the case for me. I’ve still got a pretty significant number of albums in my Tidal collection that simply don’t exist on Qobuz (and, in fairness, a small number for which the opposite is true).

Everyone probably needs to make their own decision on the catalog parity, but I think, by the raw numbers at least, Qobuz is still lagging Tidal (at least in the US).


I live in the US. Qobuz has everything Tidal does for the music I listen to. For some others, Tidal and/or Qobuz might not have everything they want. Choice is a good thing. I tried Amazon and chose to drop it before my trial ended.


I completely agree and would never even think of going from Qobuz to Amazon, if they had a complete catalog. I had Tidal before, which was more complete than Qobuz, but I switched because of poor streaming tech while on cellular, poor customer service and MQA.

I am always in favor of supporting the “little guy”, but I have to think about myself as a consumer as well. In that case, Amazon has the most complete catalog for genres that I listen to.

So, you want Amazon?

Things need to change, and here is why


Bandcamp :+1:


I add my plea for integration with Amazon Music HD. I think that having more options is always a good thing,

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That’s actually a pretty small sample size in terms of “albums in the world” and we don’t know the makeup of the 850.

I frequently convert playlists from Tidal to Qobuz with Soundiiz and get about a 75-80% hit rate, meaning Qobuz is missing 20%. Of course, I don’t know if that is a problem with the matching algorithm. Just a data point.

To me another hard to quantify metric is “fake music” where the services sponsor their own artists and songs and give them priority. You see this in “Chill Piano” type playlists. This is rampant on Spotify, seems to be growing on Tidal, and unknown on Qobuz (meaning I never saw it, but no longer have access). While I have doubled down on Tidal, this does irritate me.

It’s been done as well. I have posted in their support forum too.


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I would welcome Amazon integration as I find MQA in many cases to not sound as good as flac lossless.

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Are you using an MQA capable DAC? I doubt you would notice any difference if you are.