Integration of Amazon Music High Resolution

Well i think the Dac in the Nad M10 is MQA capable .

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Roon can do absolutely nothing until Amazon gets it through its thick head that integration with Roon might actually benefit Amazon. Roon is already more that ready, set and able to get it done, but it’s not up to Roon.


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It’s hard for me to imagine Roon not being interested in integrating with (almost) any of the services that would integrate with them. It would just make their product that much more useful and attractive to potential (and current) users. I don’t believe that Roon is taking any sort of stance against “lossy” streaming services on the basis of “inferior sound quality,” as Roon plays my lossy MP3 and AAC files just like it does my lossless FLAC files.

These other services are the reason for the holdup, IMO. They don’t perceive enough value to make it worth their while. FWIW (small sample spaces and individual data points n’at), I have literally no use for Tidal at all, personally, outside of Roon. Without Roon integration I would cancel Tidal in a heartbeat. I don’t like much of anything about the user experience when operating their stand-alone app outside of Roon. Whereas I do use both Qobuz and Spotify when I’m away from my Roon server. “TIFWIW,” and just one data point that Tidal gets my money only because they got in boat with Roon.

On my personal “wish list” of services I’d like to see get in the boat, Amazon would be very near the bottom (for me), but any integration, ANY integration, that makes Roon more useful for more people (not just me) would be good news for Roon users like me. The problem is that most of the rest of the “major players,” (Amazon, Apple, Google, Spotify, etc) are “kingdom builders” who believe in closed-wall ecosystems and walled gardens, NOT in integration/playing nice with others… if I had to guess who would/could be next to get integration, I would expect it to be someone like Deezer or Rhapsody or a smaller/lesser player like that, who might be more inclined to working with a partner like Roon…


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Found this in a different thread from Roon Support.

I’ve shifted this discussion out of Support as it is not about an issue with current functionality.

In general terms Roon is open to integration with any service that will provide the data necessary to enable full integration like Tidal or Qobuz. The larger services are unwilling to do that and Roon isn’t interested in providing a less integrated service, which merely replicates what can already be obtained through other apps.


I love you guys @danny , and I agree Amazon may value the Roon users/market. But to equate this with Tidal or Qobuz integration seems short-sighted.

This may be an existential opportunity. It seems worth far more Roon engineering/hacking than Qobuz or Tidal.

My two cents. I love Roon, and I got my (lifetime) money’s-worth years ago. But, this is the first time I’ve seriously thought that Roon may not be able to serve my needs in the near future.

This is not an engineering problem. We can’t do what Roon does without the data that is needed to do it.

We could do something uninteresting with just an API, but meh… that’s not going to help anyone.


Given that Amazon can’t/won’t do bit perfect, at least on Windows, I would venture to suggest that anything Roon did would be a meaningful improvement on that OS.

…or you could pick a streaming music provider that is aligned with your needs as a music/audio lover.

Seriously… no bit perfect on Windows? I think they and Roon have a different expectation with what “lossless” and “HD Music” might mean. Given that lack of exodus to Amazon’s service, I think others agree.

Anyway… let’s hope they realize at some point that they should integrate with us.


I looked at amazon HD music (I first heard about it here). I am a prime member and live out in the boonies so I do SIGNIFICANT shopping with amazon. If it was part of the prime package that gets me the 2 day shipping etc, then it might be compelling. But no, it’s $13 a month. So why would I jump to that service even if it had roon integration? It’s not like they are going to have a ton of fresh and original content that tidal or qobuz doesn’t have. It doesn’t appear that they offer device integration like apple music does. So what’s the point?



easy to sign on using alexa.

Well, they do offer the Echo Link and Echo Link Amp. Which can do interesting things, including taking an analog in and then casting that feed to any other Echo speakers around the house; think turntable, CD player, Raspberry Pi Roon Endpoint, etc.

I have not tried it so I don’t have a hands on with how well it works.

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This is why I quit Amazon HD.

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wann wird Amazon Musik HD in Roon integriert?

when will Amazon Music HD be integrated into Roon?

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Maybe never. Nobody knows except Roon and Amazon and they aren’t talking.

Do you scheduled to add Amazon HD in your player? Thanks.

Hi @Carlo_Sacchetti,

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