Integration Qobuz and or TuneIn

That it maybe is not obvious to integrate Qobuz I can understand, but add or integrate TuneIn for internet radio given the cost of our paid app should be a minimum requirement

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See this reply from Brian:

Okay, I understand, looking forward to the upgrade / release for better use of internet radio, thx in advance

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I have and use the 1.6 now, a small detail : I miss this view, or do not see how to get it, was nice on ipad, pc …

Not sure I fully understand the idea. But your screenshot displays phone UI

It’s a screenshot from my laptop

I see :slight_smile: Looks like I’m too long with 1.6 UI, so starting to forget old design. Yes, Now Playing and Queue screens were changed. You can’t go back to the old design.

Pressing on Footer opens Now Playing screen:

Shuffle+Loop were moved to Queue screen. You can get there by pressing on the Queue button in footer image

Does not bring me to the sreen i had before 1.6

The screens have changed.

really bad, was nice on ipad to see the cover as it was the CD standing next to your player

You can still see them. Look at the screenshot I’ve posted in previous message. Just press on the song title in footer :slight_smile:

It is far from that nice screen we had before (see my first screenshot)
Also, the screen on android tablet and pc/laptop does not syncronise anymore