Intel I7 Nuc with Rock

Help, having put together an Intel Nuc I7 BNH, the bios is up to date, codex’s installed.
My system is, Melco N1A, Intel Nuc plus s booster, Devialet 400, Boenicke W8’s.
I get sound ok via ethernet and is excellent, but i’d like to try usb as prior to the Nuc i used usb giving better sound quality. I can’t for some reason get the usb to work, i’ve checked the the bios, but this is gibberish to me, so if someone could take the time and point me in the correct direction on what needs to be turned on or off in the bios for optimal performance.
Thanks folks and mods, sorry if i’ve raised this in the wrong section again.

What ever this means.
Any way thanks for looking, i;ve now sorted things myself, all is working fine.
Thanks to all who took time to read through my request.

Hi @simon_morson ---- While I am pleased to hear that this was resolved, my sincerest apologies for the slow response.

Would you mind sharing what you did to get around the reported behavior? Did this end up being a BIOS setting or something else?


Just turned off a pile of stuff in the bios after research on various sites, then on repowering everything including the Devialets then looking at the settings on the i pad the Devialet USB appeared, made a few alterations and now all singing fine.
Unless the Devialets are turned on first Roon won’t see the usb.
Also after an hour or so i put an IFI iusb3 unit with IFI cables into the mix, making yet more improvement.
Hope this helps.

Thank you for the follow up and insight @simon_morson, VERY appreciated!

This thread is set to close but if anything else comes up regarding this behavior please feel free to reach out to me via PM and I will gladly re-open to continue troubleshooting.

Happy listening!

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