Intel NUC 10th gen i5 FNH - HDMI audio

Any one had success in using10th gen nuc connecting to avr through hdmi?
I bought i5 FNH model, specs says it has HD audio support.
I enabled audio in Bios,
Roon has not identified my avr in audio devices?
Any update of bios or updating audio driver would help?

I think you need to provide some more information to help diagnose your issue.

What OS have you installed on your NUC, for instance?.

And, assuming that you have your Roon Core up and running on it (you imply that you have), a screenshot of the Settings > Audio screen in Roon would be helpful.

On board audio will be System Audio or whatever it might be callled.

Very odd. You appear to have your Roon Core set up on the NUC (installed with ROCK), and it is running. And your Roon screenshots would indicate that you are connected to the Core on the NUC, yet there are no audio devices showing that are connected to the Core. Normally, I would expect to see 5 HDMI devices and one Analog device, as per this screenshot of my ROCK/NUC:

Does your NUC have a 3.5mm headphone jack socket on the case? And what is the full model number of your NUC?

Intel NUC 10 Performance Kit PC Barebone Core i5 M.2 2.5" HDD WiFi6 BXNUC10I5FNH.
It does not have 3.5mm jack.
But it does have Intel hd audio in specs, you can see it in my above picture in bios.
I have attached the specs sheet as well.

If it does not have a 3.5mm jack, then I’m afraid the motherboard does not have audio hardware chips installed, even though the BIOS thinks it does…

What is the source of the specs you show? I suspect that they are not from the Intel website…

Are you sure that it is not this NUC model:

Note the extra “N” at the end of the model number - check this on your NUC.

Thank you, I particularly asked for FNH, they sent FNHN model, I will ask for exchange.
Thank you

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