Intel nuc 5i5ryk

Would this work well with Roon with USB 3.0 external hard drive attached? Running windows 10 and using Dirac live otherwise used for nothing else. 8gb RAM and 120gb sad.

I use one with the data on my nas. That works fine.

I use a 5i5ryh which has room for a built-in 2TB SSD. USB 3.0 should be fine too.

Hi Danny,

The 515ryk is well within spec for Roon, with Dirac live, and a 3.0 USB hard drive should be fine.

I’d suggest comparing the price/spec with this Brix which can host an inbuilt SSD as well as an mSATA and has a combined Toslink spdif/Audio mini out. It’s also red.

One thing I don’t know is whether Dirac would cause the fan to run on either the Nuc or the Brix. I have a lower spec Brix than the one above and it doesn’t run the fan with Roon alone unless I am shifting in a lot of new albums.


Thanks all for your replies. The Brix is definitely food for thought, prices are 25% higher in the UK unfortunately . I was going to adjust the fan in the BIOS, but I don’t expect Dirac to cause the fan to kick in.
I’ve already bought the nuc with Windows 10 installed for $379/£250 off eBay but Andy you’ve got me interested in the Brix now, damn you :smile:

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