Intel NUC i5 crashes every day due overheating

Roon Core Machine

NUC8i5 16GB RAM 1TB m2 + 2TB SSD internal. 46tb 14tb 1*14tb external usb drives

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Ubiquiti Unifi

Connected Audio Devices

a lot of external harddrives. No sound output.

Al endpoints are sonos or Riopee.

Number of Tracks in Library

172.572 Track now. I collect music, so always expanding.

Description of Issue

Since a couple of days is my Intel NUC running way to hot. It reboots and crashes every day since this week. Temps running in de high 90° and reboots at 100°. What is going on with my NUC? It was running without any issues till today. I have to admit it is quit hot in my office since this week also.
No I’m running a big fan on it to stay cool, but that is a pretty stupid idea as it is a music server and can’t listen to music due the fan noise.
Is there somekind of case for my nuc that has a focus on thermal heating?
The NUC states it is processing my library in the background (>12k tracks), but I only assigned 2 cores out of 8. Total CPU usage is 60% now. I feel it’s almost not usable anymore as it throttles a lot.
Is there anything else I can apply short term to have it running not that hot?

Thanks in advance!

This audio analysis processing is probably the cause. You could set it to throttled for the minimum impact. It will take longer to complete, but other than that it will be less stressful on your NUC.

Hi Geoff,
I noticed while monitoring this that my Plex-Server is indexing on the same time the same music in that library. So I think also now that it is a combination of more load due indexing by 2 mediaservers, and my office heating op due summer.
Is there a way to anticipate on this? I want to be able to index my new albums in summer…
A better structural way then pointing a big fan at it :slight_smile:
A better case by example, but not the passive one as used by other people here. Just the oposit and a case with better fans and cooling.

You could turn the analysis off and roon will do it at first play of each track.


As you have no directly connected audio devices, have you considered moving the NUC to a different location, where fan noise would not be an issue?

That said I see you mention Plex, are you also running Plex on this NUC? If so I guess you might have the HDMI output connected to TV and that’s why it’s local.

As other have said, Audio Analysis can push the CPUs and temps can rise esp. in fanless case.

If using 2 cores is still over-temping the CPU, consider selecting “Throttled” it will take a longer to complete of course.

Alternatively whilst Plex is still indexing, consider switching Roon’s background AA off, and just use the On Demand AA option.

Out of your 173K tracks, how many are left to be Analysed by Roon? If you make a note of this over time you should be able to estimate how long it has to complete (on current settings).

If Roon’s AA has stalled and not progressing through your tracks it could be it having a problem with one of them. If this is case let Roon’s @support know and they can look at your logs.

If it progressing then, then I’d suggest all is well with Roon and it goes back to what AA options are right for you / your setup.

Hope this helps.

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  1. Disable Turbo Boost in BIOS
  2. Try lowering the throttling setting suggested above
  3. This is going to be difficult, but I think it’s probably the best solution. Follow this guide: Fix NUC8i7BEH overheating - iFixit Repair Guide

I also, would suggest, just running with On Demand analysis until Plex has finished it’s indexing. But, I don’t use volume leveling.

FYI, the audio analysis just creates volume leveling information and creates the waveform on the playback timeline.

Depending on which NUC you’re operating, it may be fanless, or have a fan, these comments may help some owners confronting NUC overheating.

I gave up with a NUC in favor of a (fanless) Roon Nucleus because the fan in my NUC became congested with dust, twice? It’s an absolute bugger to get at the fan, clean it, and reinstall it.

The symptoms were the same as you describe: overheating and spontaneous rebooting. Cleaning it fixed it immediately (until the next time), but the frustration level was very high.

The Nucleus + now lives in a rack in the basement connected to a 24-port switch that runs CAT 6 around the house. No dust concerns at all.

Check and clean the fan/cooler. They get clogged with fine dust over time. Move the device if you have to.

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