Intel NUC Roon Core and CA CXN V2 Roon Endpoint setup

hi, currently I am having Intel NUC i5 as Roon Core , I intend to get a CA CXN V2 streamer to replace my old Aries Mini. I browsed through CXN V2 manual, they only explain about PC and MAC setup. There is no Linux setup.

My questions:

  1. Is the Linux setup similar like PC?
  2. Is the firmware version similar to PC or MAC or there is dedicated from Linux ?
  3. Since it is Linux, I do not think i need to install driver, do I?

Appreciate your input.


The CXN V2 is a network streamer, so connect it to an Ethernet port, so you can benefit from Roon RAAT. In this regard, there is no difference what OS your Roon core runs on.

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It may be OK from the off. The most you should need to go is enter the CXN settings and enable Roon operation.

Thanks for the link, I will read through.

I fully understand that CXN V2 is ROON endpoint and still need ROON Core as my original post.

My question is about its CXN V2 firmware.

So in short , the firmware update of CXN V2 doesn’t really matter if it’s on ROON platform ?

It should play with any platform Roon supports.

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