Intel NUC Roon core starts and stops intermittently

Roon Core Machine

Roon OS: Version 1.0 (build 259) production
Roon Server Software: Version 2.0 (build 1353) production

My local “Library” is in two places; a NAS and an external HD connected to the NUC.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

All network connections to the Trendnet router via an Audio switch.

Connected Audio Devices

Node 2i to a Gustard R26 DAC to a McCormack DNA 0.5 power amp.

Number of Tracks in Library

Description of Issue

My NUC Core is having problems and I’ll deal with it later.

I originally ran Core on my Mac. When I start the Roon app on my Mac, it can’t find it.

The other option is “Set up Roon Core on this Mac”. If I do this will I be able to return to running it back on the NUC once I solve that problem.

Or is it like a whole new start, from scratch? I just need to do some work on my stereo system before dealing with the NUC problem.

Roon Core (NUC) is not accessible.

Whether I try to run the Roon app on the MacBook or iPhone it shows the half moon “oscillating” icon and just stays there.

I can ping the Core and in the car I can run Roon Arc!! Before getting to this point I was unable to Backup or Restore. And Roon (in the house) would start to play and after 10-15 seconds stop; this was the original symptom. Manually start the tune again and few seconds later stop again.

If there’s any more info needed, please let me know. Looking for help!

Thanks, David

Hi @David_Mader,
Thanks for your patience while we worked through the queue. You can switch cores as many times as you like as long as only one core is active per license at the same time. I hope this helps!

I don’t want to switch Cores!! I want to be able to access my NUC core. As of past several days, I run the Roon apps on my Mac and iPhone and they both just give me the half moon oscillating icon. A few times it had me “Login” into Roon again and login into to Tidal. But still no access just the oscillating icon. I’ve unplugged the NUC, turned it back on to no avail. Strangely I can ping the NUC and run Roon ARC in my car!! Now what???

What are the consequences of moving the Core back to my Mac where it was originally before setting up the NUC? Will it be able to access backups and restores? Or do I have to start from scratch? And where do I turn to troubleshoot the NUC?

Hi @David_Mader,
I understand the issue now. We can certainly help with troubleshooting your NUC. As a first step can you send me a screenshot of the web UI for your NUC? You can find instruction for doing so here

Daniel, really appreciate your reply and your helping me. This has been too frustrating!! I’ve taken the screen shot you requested. Have to figure out how to “send it”.
Sent, let me know you’ve received it and how to proceed.

I see that the NUC is on 192.168.10.x. I wonder if the control devices (on Wi-Fi) are on a different network. With mesh networks, it’s easy to end up with multiple LANs without realizing it. The fact that Roon Server is accessible via ARC but not via Wi-Fi suggests a split LAN situation.

Sheesh, the problem is obvious. The RoonOS drive is full. Just see the screenshot: 0% of 114 GB available.



As @WiWavelength says, your m.2 SSD, which holds the Roon OS and Roon software is full. Have you been storing music files and/or Roon Backups on this SSD? If so, this should not be done. They need to be cleared from the SSD.

Geoff and Andrew, thank you for your insightful observation. That’s something I’ve never paid attention to on the Roon web ui. It appears I have been making “backups” of my Local library on the NUC’s HD. I’ve been deleting those files but the Web ui still shows 0% space available. Is there something I need to do make the deleted space available? Thanks again, David

Hit the Reinstall button.


Andrew, thanks. Initiating a “Reinstall” now. Finished but still shows 0% available. But now Mac Roon app is “opening” and I can get to Settings. But “Tags” and “Playlists” are empty. Should I be able to “Restore” previous settings? Tried to restore but it failed. And no devices showing up either. After “Force Quit” the Roon app, it’s back to the oscillating Roon icon. Feel like I’m going round in circles.

Went ahead and Reinstalled the OS. But this time when I login into Roon the app opens and is stuck on the oscillating icon. I have to set this aside for awhile. But any suggestions are more than greatly appreciated. Will have to come back to this annoying problem later.
Just happy to have someone knowledgeable helping me out. Thanks so much, David

So I’ve reinstalled the OS, I deleted a bunch of files and the GUI still shows 0% available and the Roon app won’t open on either the Mac or iPhone; just the oscillating icon. And I can still use RoonArc in the car!! Now what???

Still stuck with the “oscillating” icon on both the Mac & iPhone apps. Need help on how to proceed?

Andrew and Geoff; still able to help? I’m eager to get my NUC Core running properly! David

How old is your last Roon database backup?

If I had this problem, I would boot from a thumb drive with the latest ROCK image, reinstall Roon OS (which reformatts the NVMe boot drive), and restore from my last Roon database backup.

David, thanks so much for replying. First, if you could direct me to where I can find instructions on how to install to a USB drive, that would be helpful.
My last backups were sometime mid to late October. So after reinstalling the OS back to my NUC, I “should” be able to restore successfully; all Tags, Playlists, Artists, etc?
I have no other options at this point. Big question for me is not understanding why I can ping the Core and use RoonArc in my car! And I can’t run the app on my Mac or iPhone!!
Thanks again, David

The steps are the same as what you followed when you originally built your NUC. I’m making the perhaps false assumption that you have a ROCK build, not Nucleus. That, and you built it yourself. :slight_smile:

To refresh your memory, you’ll find detailed instructions here:

Essentially, you’ll use this link to download the Roon OS install image:

You’ll then use to flash that image to a thumb drive. Finally, you’ll insert the thumb drive into your NUC connect an HDMI display and USB keyboard. Hit F10 repeatedly after powering it on. The NUC will present a boot menu from which you can select the Roon OS iamge. Follow the installation prompts from there as shown in the docs.

Roon Server will require updates when you first connect. I’ve had better luck performing the updates by connecting via the Roon Remote app on my phone. Once updates are done, you’ll login with your Roon account and restore your last backup.