Intel NUC "Rugged Elements" fanless NUC case

Upcoming fanless NUC case from Intel:

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Hmm, from the Intel link you posted -

I don’t think it’s quite released yet.

Some more info here:

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Hmmm. I’m not seeing the level of fanless heat dissipation I expect for a desktop-grade quad core i7 from these preliminary and probably incomplete photos, compared to something like this:

Seeing this thread title I thought I could stop telling people to buy fanless chassis from brands most people never heard of, but this does not seem to be happening.


These are max 15 W TDP, so I’m not sure they really have the oomph.

I meant if Intel offers a NUC fanless chassis that is sufficient for a desktop quad core i7, then I can tell them to buy Intel instead of other brands. Someone measured 78W non-throttled system power consumption from a 28W TDP CPU.

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The higher end processor specs look very similar to recent laptops. I am often using an 8th gen i7-856U 4-core for roon. I multi-task with 7/8 apps including a SAT solver and don’t have any dropouts or problem’s like that I couldn’t trace to the network or teething problems with roon buffering (1.7 upgrade for example). I am playing up to 24/192khz but I don’t keep track.

The only thing is that the spec seems to be limited to 8meg. I don’t know if that is an issue with heavy DSP or DSD up-sampler users. Neither of which I do. I had a self-build i3 for 5/6 years that I used for roon which suddenly failed and I have been avoiding a replacement. This case looks interesting once Intel gets Federal Authorization although looks wise only its mother could love it.

Not an issue with DSP, but not ideal for users with more than 350K tracks.

Interesting. Is there a reason for this or (better) based on experience?

What is that? Is it a Cyrus7?

8GB for 350K tracks from here:

Yes, the photo above is from:

Ok. Got it. It’s not something I would have to worry about.

Roon 1.7 on Roon OS can probably go much higher now.

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