Interesting aspect of Devialet Gen2 Remote

Now that my Phantom is Roon Ready I ordered the new (Gen2) Devialet remote. It’s great. Controls volume with visual feedback and the pause/play function works through Roon. But I found another feature I love, and hope Roon won’t be tempted to screw it up.
Normally when you are playing Roon Radio, if you hit the next track button on the client side, you get a popup that asks why you’re doing it. Never mind that answering the question has no positive benefit to the user, but you can’t defeat that stupid popup box. It will keep popping up whether you ignore it or not.
When you hit the next button on the Devialet remote, it advances to the next track without triggering the popup box! I don’t know how they got that past Roon Ready testing, but I hope it’s here to stay.


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