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I have written about it in two other topics already but I think this one belongs in the feature requests

I’m using Roon for about three weeks now and have subscribed to a lifetime subscription. Unfortunately at the moment I’m not able to use Roon to it’s full potential because of one thing, readability. For me it’s almost impossible to read large portions of white text on black background, my eyes just won’t let me. I’m getting a bit frustrated about this that I can’t read the artist biographies and album reviews in expanded view. A bit lighter background in other words less contrast would be highly appreciated. I don’t have much problems with the text portion with the artist or album picture in the background because they are not the blackest black but further down the contrast just gets way to high. A bit less black please. Light grey background with black text would even be better. Even better would be the possibility to have the option of adjusting text colour background colour etc myself. Maybe a lot of people like it better the way it is at the moment. For me it’s not a matter of taste, it’s a matter of usability, taste comes in second. I just hope I can finally use Roon the way it was intented.

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You can choose a light background in settings.
Ahh, I just changed mine and see the problem, the background for text doesn’t change really.
Yes, room for improvement, choosing fonts also may be nice.

Glad you did see the problem. For me it’s a really serious problem. Today I tried reading the biography of John Coltrane but after about 20 lines of highly concentrating I just can not read it anymore and have to look away from the screen. It takes about 30 seconds before my eyes can see anything again and I can not look at the screen for a couple of minutes. Unfortunatly I seem to be the only one with this problem so I don’t think it’s ever going to change, too bad.

You’re not:

It’s unfortunate that there hasn’t been a response from the Roon team about this issue.

Thanks for the link. And yes, very unfortunate that there hasn’t been any response, they either haven’t seen it in the buzzillion of other posts on this forum (wich I fully understand) or they just don’t recognize a problem here.

Would the ability to print it off help? I assume you could print it in a format you can read.
Just a thought. Chris

We have some changes coming in our upcoming 1.3 release that should help with white-on-black text issues.

Let us know how it’s looking @Sjef_van_de_Ven once it’s live, ok?

Thanks, looking forward to it.