Option for different color scheme in Artist/Composer/Album info

Hi there! I am pretty sure this has been mentioned before, but i cannot find it… :confused:

Anyways, whether you choose to use the Dark or Light GUI on the iPad all of the artist/album/composer/work informational pages are white on black, as in white lettering on a pitch black background. Anyone who have tried reading more than a few paragraphs will probably agree that it is really tiresome on an old guy’s eyes! :wink:

Please let the ‘Light’ GUI setting ‘shine through’ on the bio-page?
Or give us a second option to either reverse the color scheme or seriously decrease the contrast.

Anyone else?


This is probably what you were thinking of. And I agree, the reading experience could be improved. My old eyes find it tiring.

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Exactly @Geoff_Coupe! Thanks for the heads up.
And i also see that i am not the only one who would like a different layout, thanks!

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I totally agree on this one.

If I read more than a few lines in a room with dimmed lightning and then look away, I still see back and white striping, as if my eyes have some burn-in. This actually stops me from reading reviews at night.

I doubt if this is specific to old eyes.


I find this one of the most annoying things about Roon also.


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