White print on black background

Hard to know where to post this and I have mentioned it on another thread but I’m finding this quite troublesome.

I have set my Roon display to “light” but when I go to look up a review or an artist bio I get what I find headache inducing white on black.

Can this be changed please, it seems a bit pointless having a light display and then having this white on black print.

The Alison Kraus album being linked with Leadbelly I can manage, this leaves an imprint on my eyes like ghosting on an computer screen.



No likes or comments, does no-one else have a difficulty with white text on a black background?

I was reading the Beach Boys "biography " last night and had to stop half way through as my room had become lined.

Even if the picture background at the top of the page was continued all the way down it would be much easier to read.


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I agree with John, I also find the white on black text very tiresome to read

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White text on black is the only ways use room. For me I find it much easier to use. I mostly use my iPad to view but even when I use a PC I use white text with dark background.

I prefer the dark theme, but less contrast would be easier on the eye - i.e. lighter grey on a darker grey b/g

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