Intermittent connection problems between Remote app and Core

Hi all,

I’ve just downloaded the free trial and am greatly enjoying it. Install went smoothly: installed core on my home PC (built new last year) and wired connection to router, playing into Arcam RDAC through USB.

My music (c33,000 tracks) is on a NAS also wired to the same router - but is a bit less new. It’s a Seagate Central 2Tb. Music all indexed fine within an hour.

What I’m having trouble with is the iPad and iPhone apps. On both the same issue happens:

  • sometimes it connects immediately with no trouble
  • sometimes it takes 10 seconds
  • sometimes it takes over a minute, while displaying the ‘connection lost’ and then ‘roon is taking longer than normal to reconnect’ message

I’ve checked that ‘accept remote connections’ is on. Surely it’s not a firewall issue, as sometimes it connects with no problem? Any other ideas as to what it could be?


Many have this problem with the iPhone and iPad, I don’t know if anyone has found a solution yet.

@support might be able to shed a light on if they have been able to reproduce and fix it?

Hi @maloflora ----- Thank you for the report and my apologies for the troubles here. May I kindly ask you for the following information:

  1. Can you please expand on the description of your network topology/configuration in greater detail. Please be sure to provide insight into any networking hardware you may be implementing. I want to understand exactly how your devices are communicating and what tools are being used to make those connections possible.

  2. Are you noticing this behavior with any other devices that are acting as Roon remotes?


I think it’s wireless related.

Anyone have issues on an Apple router? I’m running Asus and it’s always been temperamental with my iDevices.

Hi all - thanks for the replies. Had to get home to check the details!

In terms of network: everything is wired into a router provided by my broadband provider, made by Technicolor TG582n. So there’s a wired Ethernet connection to my PC running 64 bit Windows 10 on an i7 4790K at 4GHz. And then there’s also a wired connection to the NAS from the same router: the Seagate model above.

No problems controlling Roon from the PC. Everything loads immediately with no delay.

Then I connect my iPhone and iPad wirelessly to the same router, and both display the behaviour described above on the apps: intermittent, but unpredictable connections. It usually says ‘waiting for remote Core’ though the wait varies a lot. I have no other devices I can try out as remotes, I think?

One other idea. Could a slow NAS be causing this problem - it doesn’t seem to be slow when working with the core, just with the remote. I have all the music copied on the core computer as well as the NAS and I could always reindex using that rather than the NAS?

I have this problem as well. My wife and I each have an iPad and an iPhone. Most of the time, the Roon app works well. It is either immediately responsive or we get the “connection is lost” for maybe a second and it then connects. But occasionally (but not often), the “connection is lost” persists and will not resolve. Strangely, if I use another iPad/iPhone device, that one works fine. Usually, if I close the app and restart it, it resumes working.

I tend to think it’s an issue with the app and not with the home wireless system. We have very good wifi throughout our home and everything from the RoonServer through the playback system is all ethernet. Since it is happening on both iPads and iPhones, it would not surprise me that it is related to how these devices resync to wireless.

I should also add that running a Roon controller on a separate Windows laptop never has this behavior.

I have similar issues and use the same router… Albeit using an android device. I would be interested to see if any other users had issues with this router.

everything wired here (Mac mini, NAS, Aries, Netgear router) but the iPad Air and MacBook Pro I’m using to control Roon

“Connection Lost”, when launching Roon on either, lasts from a few to “many” seconds (always takes “a little” longer on the iPad than on the MacBook)
Lightning DS (Aries’ control app) takes about the same time but instead of launching on a blank “Connection Lost” screen, opens where left then starts populating :wink:

Sometimes connection is lost also while Roon is already open, but it’s very infrequent

So I’ve reindexed my music using the local hard drive and the problem persists. So it’s not to do with the nas. Any other ideas - support?

It’s making roon unusable for me.

happens once in while here too. this morning did.
when it happens I quit Roon (control) and relaunch it. usually it reconnects “normally”

usually :wink:

I tried that, thanks Paolo. Didn’t work for me sadly.

Hi @maloflora — Touching base with you here to see if you received my PM.


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