Intermittent qobuz problem

Roon Core Machine

Intel NUC, rock

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Net gear orbi mesh Wi-Fi router, all roon kit hardwired

Connected Audio Devices

Kef LS50W

Number of Tracks in Library

Small moderate sized library

Description of Issue

Qobuz tracks play only rarely, sometimes with a 15 second delay, sometimes not at all. Maybe one time in three they play fine. For example if I leave roon radio running I might have ten or twenty minutes of silence, roon looks like it’s playing but no sound. Then the next track comes in and plays normally.

All my local content plays ok. Have restarted the core and no better. I’m logged in to qobuz and it plays on all my other non-roon devices both on and off my home network.


I’ve posted this response in another thread dealing with Qobuz issues.

I’ve had unusual issues lately with Roon playlists and my own playlists skipping some tracks and playing others. Local files played ok.

Then yesterday Roon could not login to Qobuz while I was able to login outside of Roon.

Power cycled my NUC, modem and router but the issues continued.

Cleared cache then restarted Roon and so far all is well. That is the first and only time I’ve cleared the cache in 3 years.

You could try that and see if it helps with your situation.

Having similar, but perhaps worse issues with my Zenmini also on Orbi. No combination of restarting, re-authorizing, and cache clearing seems to be consistently correlated with any success. I.e., there’s no change immediately after, but randomly things will work. If playback does start and continue for more than a second, it generally works for a while, but that’s maybe 1/10 times.

Would love to troubleshoot this more precisely if anyone has any insight on what to look for in the logs—I speak log output for work and am familiar with the broad strokes of digital audio streaming (app developer and audio engineer speaking). Roon may get the trophy for the most verbose logs I’ve seen :sweat_smile:

Hey @Etk,

Thanks for taking the time to write in! After taking a look into your account, I do see you’ve been able to access your qobuz account/tracks recently.

Please let me know if you’re still running into issues here :+1:

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