Internal HDD in NUCLEUS sorting files?

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So, I copied a lot of music files to the internal HDD (SS) of the NUCLEUS and these do appear in the my music overview in the menu.
I would love to have an option to have two “buckets” One where all music is (filter/sort?) that is on the HDD and the other that groups the streaming selection.

Second question. When I am in the view all overview of my music, is there a simple way to delete certain files like a right click on the pad/mouse and select delete?

Third question. Is there an easy way of selecting an large group of files in my music in order to TAG all of these (Eg for creating a “This is on my HDD” bucket idea)?

Hi @Arno_Pfennings — Thanks for reaching out!

This is not an option on the Overview screen, but you can do this elsewhere.

Head over to the Albums browser from the menu. Next, we are going to use Focus. After choosing Focus you’ll want to choose Inspector, then Storage Locations, and finally the Internal Storage folder.

This will select only the albums from your Internal Storage drive. You can then save this as a Bookmark by clicking the Bookmark icon and choosing Add Bookmark…

You can then return to this view at any time by choosing that Bookmark!

Right-Click or Long-Press an album to select it. You’ll see a new menu appear at the top of the screen for your selection. Click the 3 dots menu button and choose Edit:


Scroll to the bottom of Album Options and choose Delete Album

IMPORTANT — Deleting an album is permanent and will completely delete the file off of the drive. If it’s an album from Qobuz or TIDAL, it will remove them from your favorites on that service.

As with the first example, I definitely recommend checking out the Focus feature more. We have some documentation about this (and much, much more) in our Knowledge Base.

If you have any other questions please let us know!

Without any exception the ROON product and support keeps on impressing me! I am amazed every time! Thx!

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