Internal Music Storage not showing in System Status Screen with 500GB SSD drive installed

NUC8i3BEH / OS Build 186 / Server Build 537 / 500GB Internal Storage (Crucial) / 8gb RAM

My Internal 500GB SSD is showing all of its space under 'Roon Database and Settings", There is no section for internal music storage. I am looking to back up to that internal drive. Pls Advise.

This is not supported AFAIK.

Which part of the equation may not be supported?

You need a seco d drive for storage, the first drive is just for roon.

I assume the 500gb is an M.2 SSD if so then it will all be allocated to the Rock os and Roon db, a Sata ssd is required for music library storage.

So if I buy a sata drive and only use it for backup, then I don’t need a very big one since I only stream music and don’t download any. Thank you.

That’s correct. I just happened to have a 1TB HDD laying around that I use, but you don’t need that much.

Hold on - if I’m understanding you correctly, you intend to buy a small SATA drive and install it in your NUC to use as a backup drive for your Roon database? If so, I don’t recommend this approach.

The reason is that a 2.5" SATA drive installed internally in a NUC running Roon OS will (after formatting) automatically be used entirely as local music storage - and it is NOT a good idea to put Roon backups into music storage.

You would be better off getting a small external USB drive to use for your Roon database backups.

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If I stream and do not store any music locally, can’t I use that sata drive for backup as a good Internal solution?

Ah, no - I repeat: NOT a good idea. Roon watches the internal SATA drive thinking it is being used as storage for local music files. It will get confused when it comes across the thousands of files that constitute a Roon database backup.

Far better to use an external USB drive. Use a M.2 USB caddy such as these if you want to hide it away behind your Nucleus.

I have basically the same drive in my Nucleus and it works fine. I have the Crucial 2.5 SSD SATA mx500 in the nucleus and the bx500 in the NUK. Seems like they should both work the same way.

Once again, if you ever need to restore from a Roon backup, you DON’T want that drive to be installed inside your Nucleus or NUC. Please, just get a USB HDD for backups.

got it. Also, just to clarify, If I do not have any music files being stored, the only things I’m backing up are tags, Roon playlists, general Roon library data… which I assume is a very small file.

Yes. I can’t say specifically what you are backing up, but you are not backing up any stored music files of your own. You would need another backup for that. I only have a handful of my own music files and I keep them backed up to my laptop.

Roon backups never contain your music library (music files). It’s always just Roon’s database. It may be several GB in size depending on the amount of tracks in your library. It doesn’t matter if these tracks are from Tidal, Qobuz or your own files.

That is helpful to know. Thanks!

I just looked at my USB HDD and my 10 backups are using a total of 4.49 GB of disc space. That’s with 1679 albums linked in Tidal and Qobuz.

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