Internal SSD Not Recognised

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Roon Nucleus, Roon version 1.7, build 521

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Netgear Orbi router, ethernet to Roon Nucleus, WiFi to MS Surface Pro

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

None yet

Description Of Issue

SanDisk 3D SSD drive installed ok but Roon o/s is not recognising the drive and does not provide the “Internal Music Store” tab and format button. Nucleus is showing fine on my network/Surface Pro and SSD is working ok. Have re-booted Nucleus but no success.
How can this issue be resolved please?

Is the drive showing up in the BIOS settings. It probably needs to be identified there. I had a similar issue when I built my Nuc/Rock. One of the cables, power or SATA was not making a connection. Had to unplug and reconnect the cables and as I recall there was something in the BIOS that needed to be tweaked.

The Nucleus may be different but the issue sounds the same.

P.S. Welcome to the forum.

Thanks Mike. It may be at the extent of my skills set, but I’ll investigate that and see if it helps.

Thanks for the welcome!

I would definitely replug the drive connections for a start.

Hi @Ian_O_Brien,

As @wizardofoz mentioned, trying to re-connect the drive would definitely be a helpful starting place here.

Did you test this drive elsewhere and it was working?

If re-connecting the drive doesn’t help can you share a screenshot of the Web UI?

Thanks to you both. I’ve disconnected and re-connected the drive connectors but unfortunately no change, the drive still isn’t recognised.

The drive is working. I copied some music onto it from my Surface and then plugged it into the Nucleus via the USB connection and the Nucleus found it and gave me the option to add the file. The SSD also works fine when attached to my Surface.

I’ve uploaded a screenshot as requested.

Did you check the cables at the nucleus end? Bios settings!

Thanks @wizardofoz. Yes, have checked cables at Nucleus end. No on bios, how do I do this and what am I looking for please?

As nucleus is a roon product up you should wait for Dylan to came back to you.

Hold on - that screenshot is of the Core settings as seen from a Roon Remote. Have you first accessed the Web Administration Interface of the Nucleus via a web browser and formatted the drive? You will have to do that first before the drive will show up in the Storage settings.

Hi @Ian_O_Brien,

Have you formatted this drive using the Nucleus Web UI?

You mentioned you copied some music files already to it from another PC, the drive won’t be usable with Nucleus until it is formatted from the Nucleus’ Web Interface.

Please share a screenshot of your Nucleus WebUI page, it should look similar to this for reference:

@noris I think he has already done the Web GUI thing and its not showing up.

@wizardofoz - I’m not sure if @Ian_O_Brien is referring to the same WebUI or if he was looking for the “format” button inside of the Roon app, it looks like he tried to copy some music to the drive before it was formatted:

@Ian_O_Brein - We should focus on why the format button wasn’t showing up in the WebUI. Can you confirm you accessed a WebUI similar to the screenshot I posted? If you connect the drive internally, can you share a screenshot of what the WebUI shows on your end?

@noris - thanks for the follow up and further help. I now know what I’ve done and missed! I hadn’t got to the WebUI. I confused that with the Core Settings on Roon Remote so thanks to @Geoff_Coupe for pointing that out.
The mistake I made was not realising that when I clicked the Configure button for Configure Roon OS devices and it found my Nucleus it shows a small screen that says Done, and at that point I didn’t realise, because I missed it in the instructions, that I had to click the IP address to get to WebUI, so I thought I was already in the WebUI.
Anyway, I have done it now and found the format button for the drive and formatted it successfully. Now I’ll carefully read how to import my music files from my Naim HDX.
Thanks @ wizardofoz and @ dylan and @ Mike_Lacey for your time and help and sorry for any wasted time.
With all your help, I finally got there, thank you!

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