Internal SSD Storage Limit

The Roon Knowledge Base states that there is a size limit of 4TB on internal SSD storage.

Is this a fundamental constraint that is likely to remain in place for some considerable time or is there a realistic chance of it being increased in the near future?

At the time no larger SSD were available. Now you can use 8TB!

I’ve updated the kb pages.


I just picked up and installed the Nucleus Plus and was told 4TB max

The 8TB Samsung drive came out very recently. It was announced ~3 months ago and started showing up at retailers in the last month.

There was a Micron 7.68TB available earlier this year with very poor availability.

Give it some time before the worldd adapts to the existence of a new capacity SSD.


So the 8TB Samsung will be ok for the Nucleus Plus?

Yes, per Danny’s post above.

Many thanks, Danny

FYI from another thread:

It’s too bad SSD’s aren’t following the HDD trend of halving their price each year. An 8TB SSD will still run ~$850.

Then wait a few years :slightly_smiling_face: an 8TB SSD would have been unthinkable a few years ago,

“Then wait a few years”. My point exactly. :slight_smile:

Expensive as an 8TB SSD may be, put one in a fanless case with a NUC and the total outlay still compares favourably with the price of a Nucleus.

Even with an LPS, total cost isn’t going to be much more than £1,500. That represents reasonable value in the hifi world.

If you are willing to bypass NUC. Don’t know if with will run ROCK, I run it with Ubuntu Server 24.04.1 and RoonServer. Great so far.

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Crucial 16GB DDR4 3200 MT/s (PC4-25600) SODIMM: $57.99
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Why can’t we have the option of a spinning drive using ROCK? like 16TB or as sizes grow even more as 20TB is now an option.

Nothing stops you from using a spinning drive, but you can only fit a 2.5" drive in the NUC; the 3.5" drives require too much power to spin up. There is also a limit in the NUC chassis design that prevents fitting 15mm drives internally.

I don’t think anyone is making 2.5" drives larger than 5TB right now, and it’s a goofball 15mm drive.

If you want spinning big 3.5", you will need an external power supply, and then you can go USB.

There is 1 bus powered 3.5" USB drive I know of, but it is really weird… it has a battery pack to provide the oomph to spin it up.,4732.html

However, it’s not sold anymore though. No surprise there!

SSD is the future.

There are other motherboards and options that run rock as I know you are aware, I’ve used several and many others have MOCK setups.

I’m aware, but I won’t support them and they could break if I change around drivers in the future. We only test against the machines we support. We’ve made it clear that “other motherboards and options” are not supported now or in the future.

So will rock documention specifically detail this limit for max 8tb now?

The 15mm height is there in the spec (, no mention of 8TB max, but next year, 16TB drives will probably fit into 15mm, so this is only the max for today.

@danny, So if you have a supported NUC in an HDPLEX Fanless chassis that can support pretty much any sizes drive i.e. with a 16TB spinning then - thats not supported. Rather disappointing IMHO but hey whatever it is, please just make it absolutely clear on the ROCK docs.

Nothing about drive data size limits there at all other than it can be SSD or Spinning and ANY SIZE

Internal storage (for music content) can be any size, and can be an SSD or a spinning disk, but note that the NUC kits tend to not support drives thicker than 15mm (not enough space inside the housing).