Internal storage not found on iMac

set up nucleus plus with no issues, and installed a Samsung SSD inside of unit. Went in to IP address and formatted SSD with no problem. The issue I am having is essentially “mapping” the internal SSD on a computer in another room

Roon software set up and identified just fine on iPads and Macs, however cannot locate Nucleus Plus in Finder to set internal storage (so can download music directly from HDTracks, etc) and copy from my external HDD all of my existing high-res music.’ In IP address, SSD shows formatted. Again, the Roon app and everything identified just fine. Even tried copying over the address provided on your webpage with no luck (smb…internal storage…etc)

Aware you need to go to finder, go- browse server but Nucleus Plus DOES NOT SHOW UP!!!

You might want to add what you are browsing from and network details as this is either a firewall, OS or network issue without any details hard to help.

Hi @Robert_Tomicic,

What is that path you’re entering into Finder?

Can you share some details on your networking setup?

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