Internet access required constantly for Roon app

Hi all,

Well, here I am, a total Roon addict several months in :-).

Just this one thing: Why does the app (Android, tried a few different devices) fail to find the core if there’s no internet access available?

I understand completely the need to check license validity periodically (if that’s the reason?) but this limits my ability to show what Roon can do at shows etc (I’m peripherally involved in the UK HiFi industry). I can’t trust that Roon app will seamlessly work whilst on the road. Yes, I know that Tidal needs net access, but the app??


Hi Robert,

You should be able to go about a month without internet access.

It should work if your local network is running. I just unplugged the Ethernet cable from my modem to my router and Roon still works fine, although I can’t surf the net.

Cheers, Greg

Thanks Greg

Hmm, I’ll do some careful experimentation after rebooting everything with internet disconnected and report back.