Internet down, Roon won't play my local files, can't log on

SO my internet has been down the last couple of days, so nothing much to do work-wise, I thought I would listen to some tunes; My 1.2tb of tunes on my Dell server. Roon won’t log me on, so won’t play my music. Why? How to do get roon to work in offline mode?

Hi @andrew_sell,

You must have an internet connection to login to Roon. Once you’re logged in you can use Roon for some time offline without having to connect to the internet before needing to communicate with our servers.

If you have a mobile device, try using hotspot to connect your Core machine to the internet, login and make sure that everything is working, and then disconnect from the internet.

Wow, that kind of sucks.

No that sucks, no kind of about it. I thought this was my perfect forever music app, but not if I needs to be connected to use my local files for playback. I could see getting a 404 error for artist info and some other degradations of service, but not even able to browse my collection on the LAN.

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Hi @andrew_sell,

You have our sincere apologies for the inconvenience here. There’s some more discussion on this in this post:

Basically, the initial login does require an internet connection, but once you’re logged in you can go for weeks without an internet connection. If you’re not currently logged in, you could use something like hotspot for the login, but after that you can go for quite a while without the need for an internet connection.

How else do you suggest they authenticate you?

First of all it doesn’t work the way Dylan has suggested, I use Roon everyday, so yesterday I lost Internet and it won’t connect and play.

There is no reason that a token cant be placed on the machine once I have authenticated, that can renew yearly as with my subscription. My iphone is the main controller, but often I play music in my office from my PC, the server is static, it just sits there and runs 24\7. Windows Server 2016 on a Dell Poweredge R430.


I had same problem last year following the hurricane, left me without power and internet for 2 weeks (in the Caribbean). After power came on (still no internet) I discovered I couldn’t use Roon. Came on the forum and tagged support, I was basically ignored! At least JRiver kept me company until restoration of Internet. Cell-phone hotspot was not an option for me as my then Windows Core running Windows Server had no onboard wireless hardware.

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The solution to fixing this issue is simple - as Roon Support has said just create a quick hotspot, re-login, disconnect the hotspot and you’re up again for more weeks.

Adobe products work very similar, and ALWAYS demand authentication when I am in remote areas - never when I am at home sitting in front of the computer with plenty of internet access!

JRemote also runs back to mama via the internet but at least you force IP addresses manually until service comes back

Much of JRiver is configurable like this

Decisions decisions …


Well this sucks. I can understand about going up to a once a month handshake for licensing purposes but for every time you open Roon.

Did not know this.


Hi @andrew_sell,

You have my sincere apologies for the troubles here. Just to clarify, if you’re already logged out, you will need an internet connection to login. But once you’re logged in, you can close and reopen Roon without the need for an internet connection for weeks before needing an internet connection.

If you were already logged in, then something else occurred which caused you to require an internet connection. So we can take a closer look at what occurred, I was hoping for now you could use the directions found here and send us over a set of logs using a shared Dropbox link.

Again you have our apologies for the difficulties here, Andrew.

I don’t like drop box so the link above is for you.

Let me know if you have any troubles.

Thanks @andrew_sell.

I’ll pass this along to the team so they can take a look. In the meantime, have you managed to login by tethering your phone?

my internet is back, so no issue. teathering is not really an option, i would need to add wifi cards to my fixed workstations and server. this process is messy and seems to me to be problem. i hope you craft a robust offline mode.

So you don’t have a smartphone? That’s all you need. No tethering.

Roon already does have a “robust offline mode,” but you must be signed in – most of us remain signed in all of the time. Then, Roon can be “offline” for several weeks before it must reauthenticate and communicate a few things with Roon Labs or its providers.


i do have a smartphone. it did not work the way you suggest. i use this everyday and never choose sign out or log off. i launched it and was promoted to log in, so no music until our internet came back up.

Try pulling your Internet connection now as a test. See how Roon responds.



Roon’s answer is incomplete. You need to have a wireless card in the machine running core in order to connect to a mobile hotspot. My whole system is hardwired. If I lost power and then brought up my core server I wouldn’t be able to play my music? I’m own a lifetime license. What is there to check?