Internet Radio defaults to lowest quality stream[Ticket In]

Hi @support,

I just added a new Radio station and realized it is playing the lowest quality stream available on it.
I can easily fix it by manually pushing the higher quality URL, but when using the default url, Roon is not sellecting the best option. I believe it should try to use the best stream.

Roon Server - Linux (latest version)
Radio URL when adding the station:

This results in ‘Stream URL’:,aac
Which contains 4 versions (256, 32, 128, 256). Roon is picking the 32kbit version.

Manually changing ‘Stream URL’ to the following fixes the issue:

Could you please fix this as its not very convenient fixing the radios each time adding a new one.


Thanks Stefan – we’ll take a look at this and see if we can do better.

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Hi, @StefanK, we were able to reproduce the behavior you described here. Our developer team will try to fix this.

Thanks for your patience!