Internet Radio FLAC Stations Swap Meet

Magic Radio Link does not seem to work

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See my post below prior to 1.5:

It’s down for me too. It may come back up, don’t know.

Hi Vule,
Yes, shame about that. It’s one of my favourite stations.

Couple of months ago I asked support team about dropouts and cut outs after 15,20 minutes of listening of their stations links in Roon (256 kb/ 320 kb) and they replied to me that happening due to Roon software limitations to handle sample rate change (48/44) and put all blame to Roon. Though, there was no problem at all with 128 kb streams.

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hmm having trouble with this… Am I to right click on the core software? I assume so. I get no popup menu…

maybe this has already been posted:

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You go to the internet radio screen on the core software - the station that you want to add the image to. Right click and you won’t get a pop-up menus but in the upper right you will see “edit” - click on that and you will see the same screen as when you originally added the station.

At the moment JB Radio-2 is streaming 192kHz, the interesting thing is that the stream arrives at my core at a rate of 2.5Mbps, but arrives at this computer from the core at 6.5Mbps, which is what you would expect playing a 192kHz file. It is almost like there is some MQA type folding done that the core unfolds and sends to the endpoint.

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This morning my link to JB radio2 stopped working


Still working for me.

Working now for me as well. :notes:

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And then it stopped.

Strange. Other stations seem to work fine

Thanks for this list - trying a few out. If only bbc 6 music would do it I’d be set!

Haven’t added stations for ages - this has really reminded me how overdue internet radio is for an overhaul.

Enjoying Intense Radio. Sounds great.

Came across this website list when looking for more. Not sure if it’s been posted before or is current, or maybe they’re all here already.

Have noticed my processing speed is crushed with FLAC radio streaming.
I have convolution, and a few PEQ but it’s generally always running at around 40-50x for Redbook and Tidal which is most of my library. Normal high quality radio starts around 30x and creeps up to 40x+ over time…
Streaming FLAC radio through the same DSP setup it’s only around 1-2x. Although it sometimes crept up nearer 8x after it’s been playing a while on Absolute. Intense is stuck right down at 1.2x though. Anyone else see similar?

Yes, v1.5 appears to be doing ‘more work’, perhaps caching ahead though it never seems to ‘finish’. My CPU is tracking the same as yours. I think the quality of sound of all streams went up. I hear noticeably better sound staging, separation, etc.

I am having the same issue with jb radio2…it keeps coming in and out. Was going to post something this morning. I guess it’s not me.

JB Radio is working beautifully for me this morning. For those who have tried all the links posted in the OP, are any classical or jazz? Thank you

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Excellent! Thank you!