Internet Radio FLAC Stations Swap Meet

Classic is still down for me, but Classic Pro is back up.

I am curious how JB Radio offers this type quality free and commercial free? How are they supported?

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I emailed them to praise their programming and to ask how they are funded, as there seems to be no way to donate on their website. This was a couple of weeks ago, but as yet I haven’t had a reply.
They play great music and the sound quality is the best I’ve heard from internet radio.

I agree, havent located a channel with higher quality and lovely music taste than JB Radio, when for free. Hope it will last, at least if we could sponsor.

Thumbs up for JB Radio… great sound quality and cool music…

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I sent my third email of praise to JB Radio today. It read:

Your station is a unicorn on a skateboard on a Christmas morning.

No responses yet. :slight_smile:



Here’s another flac stream for your great list (for which I thank you.)

I copied and pasted the URL into Add Radio Station, got “could not find.” ??

Hi Brian,

Like James, I can’t get a station at that URL. I’ve tried various suffixes of .m3u, .flac.m3u, .flac, .flac.ogg etc.

Have you listened to this station using the FLAC stream ? If so, what player were you using ?

@andybob , I managed to get it work only in MP3 320…

Additional Hi-Res 24 bit FLAC radios:

Magic Chill:

Magic Mellow:

Magic Soul:

Absolute 00’s:

Absolute 90’s:

Absolute 80’s:

Absolute 70’s/Rock:

Absolute 60’s:



Thanks Guy,

I’ll add them in up the top of the thread too.

Do you need to subscribe to these radio stations. I have been able to add the stations to the Roon radio list. When tapping ‘play’ the colour line showing Roon is searching for the station occurs. The icon lights up as if it’s found the station but then it stopped and no signal is found. Sorry for the clumsy description…in summary, the station is found, but cuts out before a signal is played. I receive other station ok, including JB-Radio 2 that I get in 192k. Any ideas?

I’ve used VLC to play flac codec

Listening nerds who like JB Radio-2: do you think they are EQ’ing their files very subtly before sending them out? What I hear is a plumped-up bottom end. My guess is that they’ve boosted the content below 40 or 35 Hz and also applied a bit of dynamic compression down that low in order to smooth the peaks. I’ve heard the same effect at a music club where the PA is playing familiar setbreak music; the very-low-end is boosted but smoothed, and it makes some old Steely Dan or Talking Heads song come alive in a novel way.

I can’t really discern the boost on my small office system, but on the big rig with dual subs, they are definitely moving more air via JB Radio than if playing the same track from my library or Tidal.

Normally of course I’d protest this kind of adulteration of the music – but it’s free and it sounds good so don’t file this as a complaint. :slight_smile:

Hmmm- i certainly noticed the more engaging sound and heavier low end. I agree with you - it is more alive. I am not nerdy or technical savvy enough to know if they are playing with the signal. I wonder, and would like to know. I suspect that your test (JB v. Tidal/library track) confirms your suspicion. Still, i enjoy and am very happy for the option to listen! It is better than most all other internet radio quality.

None of these stations require a subscription. What kind of internet connection do you have ?

JB Radio 2 has a mp3 320k stream to compare with 192kHz stream. I hear a fuller bass along with slightly better treble cleanliness. I believe they are upsampling and thus kicking the noise further freq. For 4x bandwidth, I’m not sure its worth it though.

Radio Paradise also seems to be eq’ing the bass a bit too much for me. There’s is so much that I can hear it on a less than proper rig.

One thing about JB Radio-2, they are definitely high bit rate. Sometimes they are over 2 Mbps. As compared with Rondo Classic Klasu Pro, which is about a quarter of that, 0.5Mbps.

I took a closer look. It’s the difference in sample rate. JB is 192kHz, Rondo is 44.1kHz.

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