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Right-click or long tap the station to edit it. Just note you can only add images via drag-and-drop right now, which means Mac/PC only.

Awesome. Thank you. Too bad my only control is an iPad, and it’s the image I want to change. Can’t have everything I guess…

Thanks though.

Don’t give up yet! :wink:

Thank you. :slight_smile:

Is it possible to convert lossy radio streams into flac stream that can be handled by HQPlayer for upsampling?

Hi John,

Yes, but I don’t think there is any conversion to FLAC in Roon. I simply select HQ Player as the zone to play Internet Radio and then set HQ Player to output DSD 128. The quality obviously varies according to the bit rate of the Radio station. I haven’t checked carefully whether it sounds better with HQ Player or not, it’s just my default zone selection and it continues to work with Internet Radio.

Hi andybob,

Finally, I made it work with enabling the crossfire function. The radio stream is converted to 24bit PCM and thus will be played by HQPlayer. I am very glad it works now. Thanks.


I would like to know where Roon streams its tracks from when the play radio is selected once an album or playlist is finished.

I find the non advertising/station ident quite adequate and enjoyable for general background music and sometimes just select one track to play and continue with similar genre for hours on end. Great for running in equipment for those that subscribe to the theory.

The “Play Radio” feature and the “Internet Radio” feature are completely different animals. The former is Roon playing tracks from your own collection. The latter is using “Internet Radio” as it is generally understood.

so Radio is a bit of a misleading name then…more like “random tracks from your library based on genre” then, which I am ok with for the content but the feature name is hardly indicative

“Play Radio” is a feature that’s been in Roon since the beginning (I believe), whereas the “Internet Radio” capability has only just been added in version 1.2. Agree that the names are confusing, and this has also been the subject of discussion in the forum…

Great feature - the radio playback via my Devialet sounds better than I expected for those “FLAC” radio stations - particularly the European radio Jazz station (web link above) - I am presuming that the FLAC feature is not yet enabled in Roon from source? Nonetheless the up sampling via the Dev sounds great!

Sounds pretty awesome despite the Roon signal indicator!


I’m struggling to find the URL’s for the BBC 320k streams.

Any ideas?


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You’re a star…Thanks

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hi guys. thanks for the thread. so I thought that one of the advantages of roon was all the additional awesome information I can receive about the artists, bands, band members, similar artists, bio’s, etc… etc… are you saying that all that information has to be local? so with internet radio, where the stream just pulls over the name of the song and the artist, there is no way for roon to go out and pull down additional information and display that info? I listen to a ton of internet jazz radio. one of my favorites is audiophile jazz. I was hoping to use roon to help me discover more about the music I am listening to and related artists.

MAy I suggest Roon Labs help the client not the client help Roon for internet Radio.
I have a Cambridge CXN and for Radio they do the searching as follows,
you browse by

This then searches for all stations and you choose the one you want and put it in a preset this can be changed.
This means ROON LABS would be doing the searching and not the paying client who would only be doing the choosing based on their presets this also allows clients to choose High Bitrate broadcast stations etc.
Any chance this could be added to the Roon Internet radio.

I have been Looking for many stations URLs which are highjacked by other services the above suggestion gets rid of the highjacking of stations and only gives you the stations you want.