Internet radio is not updating the song playing

The internet radio is playing, but the song that is playing is not updated on screen. It always shows “The White Stripes - MY DOORBELL”…


Have you restarted your client? How about restarting Core?

It could be the radio station is sending the same information, try to play it via web browser and see if it works normally.

I did a core restart (and update). Still the same. The radio station shows nothing else then a progress bar when using a web browser.

This is the url…

Hmm, I’m playing the station now and it says The White Stripes but it is decidedly not the White Stripes!

I think the song info they are sending is out of whack, not a Roon issue, as I’ve never played this station but I like it, thanks!

And suddenly it works… Hmm, strange. Thanks for helping!

Its not an Roon issue, I agree!

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