Internet Radio not working since last Roon update

All my internet radio stations through Roon are no longer working since the latest update.
I use the URL from TuneIn Radio. When I use TuneIn directly not via Roon they work fine. When they are accessed through Roon I receive the following message:
“Uanble to play this channel, its address may have changed…”

Usually it will play for 10-20 seconds, and then stop with the above message.
As an example I listen to: Folk Alley, and Venice Classic Radio, both are affected by this issue.
Are other people seeing this or just me?


Thanks for reaching out, @Colin_Elven,

Can you share the URL of one of the stations you’re experiencing this with?

Additionally, can you share a screenshot of the signal path when playing the station?


Here is the URL for Venice Classic Radio:,aac

And folk-alley:,aac

Strangely, Folk-alley is running today!

Thanks for links, @Colin_Elven.

I tried using both of these stations and was able to play them for an extended period of time without noticing any issues, so I think there may be something else going on here.

If you use iTunes to play this station from the same Core machine do you experience the same behavior? Or is it only in Roon?

Additionally, is there any difference if you play to a different endpoint? Or does it happen for all zones?


Hi, sorry for the delay in responding.
After I sent the example URLs through to you, I deleted and redefined the stations in Roon, and things have been working consistently now.
I would put this down to USER error I think.
Thanks for your support as always.


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