Internet Radio - Now playing track name truncated

Hopefully a simple one to fix @joel, with any internet radio station - when the track title has an apostrophe โ€™ in the title it gets truncated that that point.

I think the problem has always been there - itโ€™s just that there have not been many chances to screen grab the problem. It also happens on the full now playing screen.

** Please ignore the station - I was just finding some stations for next month and managed to replicated the problem :blush:

One for @brian I think Duncs.

Hi @duncan ----- Thank you again for the feedback! Iโ€™d like to grab some logs from you and will be contacting your momentarily via PM with instructions.


Hi @duncan ----- Please be advised that we have identified a bug and a fix has been set into place, pending our next release :tada: Thank you again for the feedback and happy listening!