Internet Radio Ogg/Flac support [Delivered in 1.5]

A number of internet radio stations, including all of the Absolute Radio channels are available in ~1mb Ogg/Flac. Is there any reason why this is not supported?


@danny, @brian

Is there a support for OGG-FLAC internet radio coming? Thanks

example streams?

Yes, it’s on a TODO list. No ETA.

Important streams adopting it would bump up the priority, that’s why @danny is asking.


At the moment I’ve added a few below known to stream OGG-FLAC:

According to their website Radio Paradise is coming with a flac stream. Their new apps for android and ios already support their flac-stream.

FLAC and OGG/FLAC support was released in Roon 1.5 today.

Radio Paradise is, for the moment, left behind because they use a non-standard mechanism for this :frowning:

Ah bummer, i’ll hang on to ‘for the moment’.

Some FLAC stations that work for me are in this thread.

Thank you guys for making lossless Internet radio a reality! Sound quality is awesome!

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