Internet Radio Playback Fails After A While

I do experience that, I can’t hardly playback internet radio more than a few hours as I normally leave it as background music. I’ve tried on my Auralic Aries Mini on my favourite station and it playback no stop for 24 hrs.

Many times Roon will stop playing altogether and at times it will crash and reboot. I don’t have issue with local and Tidal streaming. It seems this has been issues for quite sometimes now and need to get fix.

Hello @MusicFidelity,

I have split your post as to better assist here. Does this issue occur for all of your endpoints or just one endpoint? Can you please let me know what radio station you are playing back and provide a link?

What is the exact local time in your country (ex. 3:42PM) that you start radio and the exact local time that you notice it stopping? I will then enable diagnostics mode for your account and see if there are any signs as to why it stopped.