Internet Radio - Some stations play only out of one channel on ROCK/Nucleus [Ticket In]

Hi @Just_Me,

Back home again, and did some testing. I am now sure of the following :

  • Codec pack that is currently linked in the knowledge base has the problem, contistently. Each time, playback on left channel only.
  • My own old 3.3.1 codecs are playing fine. Two-channel, and yes, it really is stereo.

(Nice to hear the Parametric Stereo in effect, by the way : The stream starts out as two-channel mono. After approx. half a second, you can hear it changing to stereo. Very obvious, and fun to hear that my suspicion seemed right).

Tried most of the previous releases on, but, no joy… Most of them even have the right channel, instead of the left channel (?!)

That leaves me with no other choice, than to send you my old file.
I will send you a Private Message, later this evening.

  • Remove your own codec
  • Install ‘my’ codec as described in the knowledge base
  • Restart Roon Server, and all should be fine.

Next up : Somebody should be informed of this bug. I don’t know who, but it’s not Roon.
An FFMPEG developer, or one of its libraries ? This John van Sickle ? No idea…

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You ROCK (pun intended).
Thank you! And yep, that’s where i got the codecs. So i ought not be alone…

:slight_smile: Thanks :). Have to be honest : I wouldn’t have found the solution, if I did not have this old file installed… :slight_smile: .

See your inbox here, for a link to the file. Would be great if you reported back !
Two remarks :

  • The FM93.9 stream in MP3 actually is mono. Don’t be surprised when ‘my’ codec gives you only one channel for this stream.
  • If I take the classical channel as reference : the MP3 stream sounds much better, than the AAC one. I wouldn’t bother with the AAC one :wink: .

So, i have successfully installed your codec file, and re-started. I have not re-added the AAC WNYC stream to test it. I will get to it, hopefully later tonight. I have not compared the two WQXR streams, but the MP3 one seems good, and in fact i was simply going down the path of “why fight it?”. None are ideal…

I will report what happens with the new (old) codec and the WNYC (93.9-FM) AAC stream.

Hi @Marco_de_Jonge,

Thanks for making the ffmpeg suggestion, this is very useful information indeed.

I have re-tested this behavior with an updated ffmpeg version and a rebooted ROCK and I am noticing the same behavior that @Just_Me reported, with audio only playing from the left side. This does indicate that it could be related to which version of ffmpeg ROCK is currently running and is very possible that it’s due to the AAC+ sideband that Marco mentioned.

I have noted this information with the technical team for closer inspection, we have had a few similar reports but the results have been different when testing for this behavior in the lab compared to different staff-members home setups.

Thanks again for bringing this to our attention and do let me know if you hear any difference with the ffmpeg version that Marco provided.

Good that you can recreate the problem.

Yes, the older ffmpeg decoder (from Marco) corrected the issue.

I reported this yesterday, where did that post go? Hmmm.


Hi @Noris,
Good to see you follow up. You have a link to v3.3.1 in your inbox, so the team can check it out.

Hi @Just_Me,
The ‘lost’ post : I guess that was a private message to only me. I copy a snippet here:

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Hi @Just_Me/@Marco_de_Jonge,

I wanted to touch base with some good news, which is that our technical team has also been able to reproduce this behavior and we’ve opened up a bug report with the dev team. While I can’t say for certain when this bug will be fixed, getting things reproduced in-house is a critical first step.

We are still investigating as to what the exact differences are between the codec versions and where it’s best appropriate to address this issue, but once I have any new information to share I will be sure to update this thread.

Thanks again for the report!

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Any update on this? I just coupled my Rock with the amplifier (really quick one, using 3.5 mm plug) - and all the music plays with left only. Ropiee & other locations work fine. The only reasons I could imagine causing this is a cable issue (need to check) and possible issues on ROCK?

Well, the answer is that the recent AAC+ codecs have a bug. So either 1) use old ones or 2) use the MP3 codecs. Have heard of no “fix” from Roon - they really need ot find a way to curate codecs and make this less of a science project.

Hi @Matti_Malkamaki,

This issue only affects AAC+ content. If the behavior is the same for your amp with other types of file formats such as FLAC, it may indeed be the cable.

We have an active ticket and are looking into why the newer versions of FFMPEG only cause one channel to be heard on AAC+ content, but I do not have any further updates at this time, the ticket is still pending review by the dev team.


Hi @noris

It was the cablle. “Always check your hardware first…” :blush:

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Hi @Matti_Malkamaki,

Glad to hear you were able to locate the source of the issue, hope you have a great continued Roon experience!