Internet Radio "Unexpected Error" so no joy

I have tried to add a couple of TuneIn URLs and get the following error. I have had success at adding URL’s when Internet Radio was first offered.

Would love a Christmas radio station. :santa:

Hi @hshrader,

Haven’t tried the Soma FM Christmas channel in particular but I did find the following from the URL Swap Meet thread:

Soma FM
The TuneIn pages default to a 33kbs stream. You can load the station art from TuneIn and then substitute a higher bit rate stream from:[name of station]/directstreamlinks.html”

I found the direct server 128kbs AAC streams to sound best.

My link was via TuneIn. Maybe that is a no go, but then when i tried from Soma directl, none worked! Same error as above.

Very much appreciate advice on best stream!

Not the same station but I have a few SomaFM working fine.

One example. Http://

If you put the station name in andybobs link you get the complete list per station.

I added the link suggested but not recognized. Hmmm. One new link must work…

@hshrader [quote=“hifi_swlon, post:4, topic:16725”]
One example. Http://

Try changing the H at the beginning to h, I did and it added perfectly.


(sorry was on iPad and couldn’t copy paste properly.)

@hifi_swlon Steve my iPad usually ends up putting in a word that completely changes the context of what I am trying to say! Two steps forward one step back I guess.