Internet Radio URL Swap Meet

With Roon 1.2 users will be able to add Internet Radio as a source by entering the URL of an MP3 or AAC stream (or a TuneIn web page).

Many stations have multiple streams of varying quality. This thread is for people to swap info for favourite stations; particularly alternative higher quality streams that TuneIn may not be using.

There will be other threads for general discussion, feature requests or support issues associated with Internet Radio, please keep this one as a repository of URL info. My post below with brief description, website address, stream description and URL seems a handy template.


3RRR - Melbourne Independent Radio - talk and music

128 Kbps mp3

Planet Pootwaddle - Happyland for the Muscially Afflicted

128 Kbps mp3


WNYC-FM - New York NPR affiliate. Some talk, some music.

The Jonathan Channel - A 24hr streaming version of “The Jonathan Schwarz Show”, a musical program focused on The American Songbook

Radio Paradise (320k AAC) - A hand-picked eclectic mismatch. Mostly pop/rock.

High Quality BBC Streams (320k AAC) - These URLs are geo-blocked and only work in the UK

BBC Streams for the rest of us (96k AAC) - For everyone outside of the UK


FM4 Radio Austria - indipendent pop/rock music, German and English Programs

WFMU - freeform radio station based in Jersey City, New Jersey (but with a broad international listenership)

Standard 128k MP3 stream:

Special higher-quality stream (currently 256k AAC) so far not published anywhere but this Roon forum:

WFMU is truly freeform, meaning that each show’s actual human DJ plays or does whatever he or she wants to play or do (within the limits of US broadcast obscenity rules, of course, since this is an actual radio FM radio station in addition to providing streams).

There’s so much variety that some new listeners are initially kind of befuddled - because depending on whose slot they tune in for, they could hear: 78 RPM records and Edison cylinders played on period equipment, facemelting Nordic death metal, sincere folk singers, Japanese pop, roadhouse honky-tonk, obscure 1970s pop/rock, straight-ahead rock and roll, free jazz, twelve-tone modern “classical” music, hard bop, garage rock, R&B, dance club music, 1980s-sounding jangle rock, German New Wave, Finnish Humppa… I haven’t nearly covered it all… or any of a few talk shows. WFMU is for people with hungry ears and restless minds.

Show schedule:

One of the secrets to happy listenership is that once you identify your favorite DJs - people whose taste frequently aligns with your own - you can either plan to listen to their shows live, or you can listen to their shows at your convenience - because shows at WFMU are archived and playable on demand. (Play of the archives seems unlikely to be supported in the much-awaited 1.2 release of Roon, but playing the WFMU live streams is something we’ve been told is likely to work, which makes me very happy.)

Playlists and archives:

If any people here want to tell me (I don’t know if that should be offlist or in another thread or here - I don’t want to monopolize this thread with an obnoxious amount of plugging) what kinds of music they like, I’ll be glad to recommend a few shows they might enjoy listening to.

WFMU alternate stream: Give the Drummer Radio - 24-hour stream which sometimes has live DJs, sometimes plays as a jukebox of its curator’s music. Backstory: beloved WFMU DJ Doug Schulkind did a WFMU-proper show called Give the Drummer Some (sometimes jazz, sometimes Cambodian or Thai or African bands, sometimes R&B; often percussion-forward, sometimes not; always stuff Doug likes and wants to share) for many years. When Doug had to relocate to Pittsburgh, arrangements were made so that he could continue to do his show on his own special stream; when there was no live show, the stream plays a jukebox of music Doug curates.

But Doug has kept adding more DJs doing live shows to his stream, until now it’s like a whole little radio station of its own - featuring live shows by DJs from all over the US and sometimes elsewhere in the world. GTDR features shows from two other long-time and cherished WFMU DJs who had to leave town (Charlie Lewis and Tony Coulter) and a roster of geographically and musically diverse other DJs Doug has managed to collect, including: Kim Sorise in Louisville Kentucky, “Uncle Michael” in Topeka, Kansas, Jesse Kaminsky somewhere in Mass, noted music blogger Gary “Bodega Pop” Sullivan from nearby Brooklyn, music and Simpsons and Monkees aficionado Amanda Nazario, visual artist and curator of very interesting music Mayuko, and more.

Oh, and Doug still does two shows a week (on Tuesdays and Fridays).

Stream URL:

WFMU alternate stream: Ichiban Rock and Soul - 24-hour stream which sometimes has live DJs, sometimes plays as a jukebox of its curator’s music

Stream URL:

The alternate streams don’t need to conform to US broadcast obscenity rules, although they don’t usually go out of their way to be sweary.

full-disclosure note: I’m now a WFMU staff member, but I’d be recommending the station as enthusiastically if I weren’t (I was a listener, fan and volunteer for WFMU for a good decade before getting the job offer).

WBGO - good jazz station in Newark, New Jersey

AAC (looks like 64k):
128k MP3 (but with a short pre-roll announcement):

WPRB - Princeton University student station

128k MP3:

WXPN - University of Pennsylvania station in Philadelphia

128k MP3:

Resonance FM - London

128k MP3:


This is awesome, and it will work when the feature goes live – I just tested.

Big fan of WFMU @Jeffrey_Moore – thanks!! You beat me to posting FMU, and BGO, too :wink:

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Sweet, glad to hear it works nicely in the eagerly-anticipated 1.2, and glad to know you’re a WFMU fan!

Note that that fancy higher-quality WFMU URL is potentially some fractional percentage less reliable than the regular MP3 stream, because the way I set it up introduces an additional single point of failure relative to the standard 128k MP3 stream - for freeform-best-available, both copies of the stream outbound from the station (we do outbound streams over diverse paths to Icecast servers in diverse cloud datacenters which listen to each other for failover) originate from a single stream encoder machine, the one fed by our fanciest and best-sounding A/D converter. So if that encoder machine falls over, so does the fancy stream until I give the encoder a kick. But the regular MP3 stream should be a fine fallback in that case.

Actually, on the subject of failover, there’s an order I’d follow as a listener:

  1. Best sounding:

  2. Standard, via primary public server:

  3. Standard, via secondary public server:

Sometimes there are network issues between a given public server and a user which can be avoided by switching to the other public server.

The PLS file at the end of this url in fact tries to lay out a failover order for the regular 128k stream, for those audio clients which support playlists and drop through to the next entry when one stream becomes unavailable. (hint!)

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A useful webpage of High BitRate Internet Radio URLs.

Soma FM
The TuneIn pages default to a 33kbs stream. You can load the station art from TuneIn and then substitute a higher bit rate stream from:[name of station]/directstreamlinks.html”

I found the direct server 128kbs AAC streams to sound best.

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I didn’t realise how exhausted I would get using Roon’s Discover feature. Which made me realise I was missing good streaming radio. Can’t wait for this.

95 bFM - student radio from Auckland NZ 256 Kbps MP3.


Grabbed from the Squeezebox forum, this is possibly a full list of the BBC URLs:


Also a big fan of WFMU. Not sure if all these have been listed, but are some of my favorites:

Alt Countryish/folk -


and eclectic of course radio paradise: for various streams


What a useful thread. Exactly what I was looking for now that 1.2 is live!


Here are some I’ve been listening to:

MP3 16/22.05 Rock Radio Baltimore, MD 97.9 FM English

98.8 Castle RM,aac
MP3 16/44.1 Edinburgh’s Bigger Local Mix Edinburgh, Scotland 98.8 FM English

Audiophile Baroque
MP3 16/44.1 Baroque Music All Day Long

Audiophile Stream Network
MP3 16/44.1 Mixed Music

Classical WETA 90.9 FM
MP3 16/44.1 Classical Music Washington DC 90.9 FM

Coast 101.1,aac
MP3 16/44.1 70’s, 80’s, 90’s Classic Hits, in beautiful St. John’s, Newfoundland 101.1 FM

Naim Radio
MP3 16/44.1

MP3 16/44.1 (Mono) Talk Radio - NPR Washington, DC 88.1 FM

AAC 16/44.1 Rock n Roll Radio Maryland 102.7 FM


Anyone know the url for RadioSwiss Jazz?

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Thank you!

I’ve found a lot of Public Radio streams of interest here:

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If you are into weird stuff, try Shirley and Spinoza Radio.

It’s like a 24/7 Residents album…


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