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Anyone able to stream the famous eclectic Chicago Alt Rock station - 93 WXRT? I am trying with a couple of URLs but nothing is working so far…


Go to, click under ‘Bitrate’ and arrange them at the highest bitrate. Is there any internet radio stations out there that stream greater than 320kbps?


Thanks for the info

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CBC Canada URLs at this link, September 2016. They change frequently, it seems.

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Just this: :balloon:

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Doesn’t seem to work in the US either.

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Anyone with a useable URL for KNDD 107.7 The End in Seattle?

Love the station on FM, they also serve via a popup player, would be lovely with a URL though.


Try this. I didn’t test it yet however.

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Amazing! It works!

Thanks a bunch.

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Roon me up Landlord ! Adding your link - always one for weird! Johan

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Ha! It doesn’t get much weirder than S&S…

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You can run it in 128Kbps MP3 as well I found out from playing with the URL - sharing back.

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Been checking out a Dutch station called Pinguin Radio lately. Not too shabby. Had a dickens of a time finding their 320kb/s URL, so here it is if anyone wants it.;stream.mp3

This is just their main station. Their sub-stations only go up to 192, I believe.

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Anyone know how to find KFOG (the San Francisco station)?

Would have thought that would be easy as it’s a very popular station but none of the URLs I found would work in Roon.


Easy Peezy…

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I can’t get that stream to work. I use this one:

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I found High Quality stream for BBC stations here


Or even higher up in this thread :wink: