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My colleague sent me this list of station URL’s. It’s the most comprehensive one I have ever seen.

It is made by a Dutch guy, so Dutch and Belgian stations are at the top, but it just goes on and on after that… Mostly European though…


The new radio function is really nice and very useful. Here are BBC Radio streams for their main stations. These (I think) are the best quality streams available internationally for non-UK listeners (UK listeners can take advantage of higher-quality HLS streams). These ones are AAC 128kbps and sound pretty decent to me. I think this list originally came from the squeezebox forum, but I modified the World Service url to a higher quality one.

BBC Radio 1

BBC Radio 1 Xtra

BBC Radio 2

BBC Radio 3

BBC Radio 4

BBC Radio 4 LW

BBC Radio 4 Extra

BBC Radio 5 Live

BBC Radio 5 Sports

BBC Radio 6 Music

BBC Asian Network

BBC World Service

BBC Radio Scotland

BBC Radio nan Gaidheal

BBC Radio Ulster

BBC Radio Foyle"

BBC Radio Wales

BBC Radio Cymru


KWOS News Radio 950,aac

News Talk 1160,aac

Good for political talk shows

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Eclectic, blocks for jazz, rock, classical, folk

Full disclosure, I have an alt-roots sort of show on Saturdays, 4-6 Jumpin’ on the Bed

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This may have been ;posted earlier, but found this internet radio lookup tool to be extremely polished and accurate

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Hello this link is for the best Italian radio

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Here are some Canadian Streams eh.

CBC Radio 2

CBC Radio 3

CBC Music Sonica

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Any good blues out there ?

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Hi Guys,

Anyone know the URL for ABC 105.9 Classic FM Melbourne Australia?



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Thanks Egres

I could not find that on their site!



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I highly recommend the French FIP streams:

…also France Musique

I obtained all these URLs from which is a great resource.

Geoff (Sound Galleries)

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All of the Absolute Radio stations (70, 80, 90 etc) are listed here:

8 different streams for each station.

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Does not work in Denmark

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Linn Classical:

Linn Jazz:

Linn Radio:

Tune in to the highest quality web radio. Our three stations bring you the best of the music available from Linn, broadcast in crisp 320 kbps MP3. That’s twice the quality of current DAB radio.