Interruption after 30 to 40 minutes

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I have an Arcam plus Kef system.

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After 40 minutes the arcam turns off.
This only happens with Roon

Can you please give full details of your setup, including what your Roon Core machine is, how it is connected to your Arcam, and what model Arcam you are talking about. Thank you.

Nucleus revA 94C691121CFC directly linked to an Arcam AVR20.

The system used to work fine.

I noticed this on page 18 of the Arcam manual - may be a coincidence, but Auto-standby kicks in after 20 if it is enabled…

Thanks for your answer.
But the problem only occurs with Roon.
Not with dvd or appletv etc ….

Do you have Auto-standby enabled?

Via USB or HDMI?

Can’t seem to find the path.

How did you connect the AVR to the Nucleus?

You said a direct connection, so I suspect it’s via a HDMI cable. Can you confirm.

It’s a Roon Ready amp so I imagine direct means by this. Sounds like a bug in their implementation that the auto standby feature is being triggered.

And the Arcam might not correctly suspend Autostandby while Roon plays, but might do so when DVD or AppleTV plays …

Just check if you have Autostandby enabled and if yes, if turning it off avoids the problem (or if changing the duration affects the standby while playing Roon in the same way). If yes, you probably have to inform Arcam

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