Invisible audio devices

My audio devices have been gone for a few days, does anyone have a suggestion? Thank you

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Despite the serious nature of the problem, may I answer a little more humorously at first?

Yes I can’t see the devices here either. Nothing at all of all the nice hi-tech and solutions.

How can I get a picture of it?

I would have recommended a reboot of all devices up to the router, but if in fact everything is gone?

Have you called the police yet?

Now serious help from the community:

You are in the right place and the suggestion with a complete reboot up to the router would be the first attempt. I move the topic to the support. In the new week, the Roon team will give at help if the support form is well filled.

Hi Fabrizio,

Can you provide some additional information, specifically describe your core, your remotes and the network.

Even without hearing your response, I can suggest turning off any firewalls on the core and/or client asa test. Firewalls can block the core from finding audio devices

Roon Core: NAS QNAP TS-473
Remotes: iMac, iPhone and iPad
Devices: It’s a Hi-Fi shop so many active speakers and streamers all Roon Ready

You were right, a reboot of the router and NAS was enough. Thank you
Sorry if I didn’t fill in all the required fields

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