Invisible Tidal album

Why this new Trevor Horn album published on Tidal : ECHOES – ANCIENT & MODERN by trevor horn on TIDAL is still invisible in Roon?

Likely dropped late to make the Friday release sync will likey show up in a day or so when next lot sync to Roon.

I’ve tried favoring the album in the Tidal app and manually resyncing in Roon afterwards. But only the Qobuz versions of the album show up. Guess you’ll need to be a bit patient.

Tidal has released the I/o album, but I still don’t see it in Roon - only as singles.
One of Gabriel’s best!

Looks like Qobuz is again ahead of Tidal.

I’ve heard from Roon Labs that Tidal is currently experiencing difficulties with its data export process to Roon Labs. Tidal will be investigating further after the weekend.


I’m not Roon but „problems with data export“ does not necessarily mean that every artist or album has to be equally affected. Maybe it affects only albums with a / character in the title or artists starting with the letter G. I don’t know, but many things are possible

Well, ask Tidal.

The new Harp Album, „Albion“ from exMidlake singer Tim Smith is since release a week ago still invisible.

Please take care.

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