iOS 13.2.3 crash

Same is happening for me. IOS 13.2.3. Frequent crashes.

Hi @Aaron_Sutton,

What kind of iOS device are you using? Any change after a reboot or reinstall?

I’m using an iPhone 11 Pro Max. Reinstalling didn’t help, as I’m able to reproduce the issue.

Hi @Aaron_Sutton,

I have enabled diagnostics on your account so our technical staff can get some more insight into what’s going on here. The next time your Core is active a diagnostics report will automatically be generated and uploaded directly to our servers

Once that’s been received, I’ll be sure to update this thread and pass the diagnostics over to the team for further analysis.

default	14:04:56.406294 -0500	runningboardd	Calculated state for application<>: none (role: None)
default	14:04:56.407180 -0500	SpringBoard	[application<>:7889] Process exited: <RBSProcessExitContext; specific: <RBSProcessExitStatus; domain: jetsam (1); code: per-process-limit (7)>>.
default	14:04:56.407283 -0500	SpringBoard	[application<>:7889] Setting process task state to: Not Running
default	14:04:56.407382 -0500	SpringBoard	[application<>:7889] Setting process visibility to: Unknown
default	14:04:56.407482 -0500	SpringBoard	Removing: <FBApplicationProcess: 0x102c468d0; application<>:7889>
default	14:04:56.407536 -0500	SpringBoard	Process exited: <FBApplicationProcess: 0x102c468d0; application<>:7889> -> <RBSProcessExitContext; specific: <RBSProcessExitStatus; domain: jetsam (1); code: per-process-limit (7)>>
default	14:04:56.408533 -0500	SpringBoard	Application process state changed for (null)
default	14:04:56.421172 -0500	SpringBoard	No longer tracking: <FBScene: 0x283f13900; sceneID:; valid: YES>
default	14:04:56.424923 -0500	runningboardd	Acquiring assertion targeting 7889 from originator [daemon<>:7176] with description <RBSAssertionDescriptor;; ID: 27-7176-114854; target: 7889> attributes = {
    <RBSRunningReasonAttribute: 0x102b45b60; runningReason: 17>;
    <RBSGPUAccessGrant: 0x102b40c10>;
    <RBSCPUAccessGrant: 0x102b88c40; role: NonUserInteractive>;
    <RBSJetsamPriorityGrant: 0x102b595d0; priority: Background>;
    <RBSPreventIdleSleepGrant: 0x102b257c0>;
default	14:04:56.474938 -0500	locationd	{"msg":"#CLIUA Marking change", "clientKey":"", "reason":"Process state from RunningBoard", "assertionLevel":4, "coming":0}
default	14:04:56.502630 -0500	ReportCrash	Formulating fatal report for corpse[7889] RoonMobile
default	14:04:56.517455 -0500	symptomsd	defusing ticker tickerFatal having seen progress by flow for, rxbytes 8164 duration 26.386 seconds started at time: Thu Dec  5 14:04:29 2019
default	14:04:56.522247 -0500	symptomsd Foreground: false
default	14:04:56.522399 -0500	symptomsd	call _saveAndUnloadSelectState on exiting foreground state

Hi @Aaron_Sutton,

I talked with the team about their analysis of the diagnostics report. We haven’t seen widespread reports of this (most issues seemed to have gone away with the latest iOS update) and they’re seeing some errors that appear to be networking related.

With that in mind, we are hoping we can try a few things that might help here. Can you try rebooting your Core, router, and the phone and let us know if there is any change?

Where exactly does the crash occur? Are you able to connect to the Core first?

Hey, thanks so much for looking into this. I’ve since updated my phone and restarted the core and haven’t been able to reproduce it. When it did happen, I was connected and was browsing local albums. For a good few days, I was regularly able to trigger a crash, which was not resolved by restarting the phone. Room core is running on a fairly large VM with 4 cores and 16GB RAM, so I don’t think resources should be an issue.

Hi @Aaron_Sutton,

Since doing this have things continued to run okay for you?

Yes. Everything seems to be working fine. Thanks very much.

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