IOS-App crashes on ipad pro with iOS 15.2.1 - sometimes

Do you get automatic information therefore
Or do i have to enable auto feedback - where?

To which email should i send the .ips-file

I may have a related problem on my new iPhone 13 mini (iOS 15.2.1). When using Roon Remote, sometimes “the screen goes black and for a couple of seconds a loading swirl pops up” (as described here:)

Is this the same behavior you have seen on your iPad pro? So far, in my case only Roon Remote does it, other apps are fine…

No - it is different
App closes and i have to start it again

Ah ok… Well, that also happened to me sometimes with different versions of Roon Remote and iOS. What I described is new to me. And a bit more unpleasant since I have to reboot the iPhone :confused:

Hi @Ronny thanks for reaching out and letting us know about this issue you’re experiencing, I’m sorry that’s the case!

Could you share more information about what may be leading to the crash? Do you notice that this happens after you complete an action, such as going to a certain artist’s page or playing a certain track format, etc?

Can you also confirm if you have tried to reinstall the application on the iPad Pro? We’d like you to see if resetting the Roon remote within the iPad will help. The setting you’ll select is called Reset Roon Remote on next startup.

This setting allows you to wipe Roon Remote data without having to re-install the app. You can find this by going to iOS Home → Settings → Roon.

Can you confirm if Roon continues to crash after completing this, please? Thanks!

Roon did not crash the last days - so i will wait for the next crash and then do this procedure.

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Great to hear that it’s been stable for a while. Please let me know how that goes if the issue comes up again!

@Andreas_Melzer, I noticed that you are experiencing an issue with a black screen and loading symbol when only using Roon - Do you notice any patterns on what actions are being completed in Roon when this happens? Does it happen with a specific artist, when you’re using a few other apps in conjunction with Roon, when you play a certain file format, etc.?

Does resetting the Roon Remote on the next start up (as outlined above) help to keep the issue at bay?

@ashley So far, I have not been able to find any patterns. I was streaming Qobuz content, so always the same file format (maybe different resolutions), but different artists. What do you mean by “apps in conjunction with Roon”? I’m not aware of any app that may have some connection to Roon. What could that be?

I cannot say what exactly is happening when the crash occurs.

Since I posted here, I stopped using Roon Remote on the new iPhone (13 mini, iOS 15.2.1) in order to see whether itself may have a problem, in which case the crash may have nothing to do with the Roon Remote app. I’m using my old iPhone SE (1st Generation, iOS 15.2.1) instead for Roon duties, as I used to do before I got the new one. On the SE the problem did never occur so far. The 13 mini on the other hand did not produce the crash when using my usual apps, since not using Roon Remote anymore.

On both devices, however, the crash that the OP described, has happened quite often. But without the black screen, etc. I simply start it again and continue where I left. But I will try the reset you described.

Once I’m confident that my 13 mini does not have a problem of it’s own, I will start using Roon Remote on it again and keep attention to what exactly I was doing, when the black screen comes up again. I will keep you updated.

Thanks for the info, @Andreas_Melzer. The reason I ask, is because our QA Team is investigating similar issues and we would love to know more about your experience with the issue you’re both experiencing.

@Andreas_Melzer and @Ronny, I’m hoping that the next time this issue occurs for either one of you, you could provide us with a set of iOS logs?

Please follow these instructions to provide us with the logs:

  1. On the iOS device:

  2. Quit or terminate Roon

  3. Go to System Settings

  4. Scroll down until you see Roon

  5. Tap on it

  6. Turn on “Save logs to Files on next start up” (the same screenshot linked above is the screen you will see - enable this section)

  7. Launch Roon

  8. Open Files app

  9. Go to “On this iPad/iPhone”

  10. There will be a Roon folder and inside of it there will be a .tgz file

  11. Forward that .tgz file to us by uploading it here: File Uploader

Thanks so much - this would be very helpful! :pray:t3:

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