iOS app not stable across the board

The iOS app on iPhone is known to have all sorts of instability and random crash issues.

I mostly use Roon app on iPad, and on iPad it rarely crashes mid-session. But it has a tendency to crash on iPad unlocks and such.

I think you guys need to take a closer look at why this app is so unstable and crashy - not so much on iPadOS as it is on the iPhone.

I am using an iPad pro and an iPhone XS Max (both with unfilled 512GB memory).

I am getting seriously angry about the lack of progress.


Interesting. I use the iOS app EVERY SINGLE DAY, on both iPhone 11 Pro Max and iPad Pro, interchangeably - not a single issue, ever, since the app was available (i.e., Day One). What are all these “instability and random crash issues”?

NOTE: I wish the app had more features (e.g., editable equalizer settings, the long-awaited mobile / offline playback option), but have never had any issues with stability of the existing app.

Hi @miguelito,

Thanks for reaching out again. I understand your frustration here and apologies for this.

We are aware of a few reports regarding this behavior and there is an active investigation underway as to why some devices are experiencing this behavior while others have not (even on the same iOS versions).

So far the common denominator is that this behavior has started with iOS 13 and there have been some reports that upgrading to the latest iOS versions has helped, so if you haven’t upgraded your iOS version this is worth a try.

We are of course investigating what changed here and compiling all the reports for any common denominators between them, as well as trying to reproduce this behavior in the hardware lab.

Still happens to me on latest iOS builds on both iPad Pro 11” and iPhone X

So firstly the mid-session crash behavior is only seen on the iOS iPhone app (for me). It’s happened in all versions of iOS 13 (not in 12 that I recall). I have an iPhone XS Max 512GB and always update to the latest iOS version (so currently on 13.3).

To clarify the behavior: It seems to be fine until it isn’t. Once it starts crashing it crashes often. Which is why I ventured it might be some cache issue getting out of size bounds and iOS deciding to kill the runaway app. If there’s a way to enable logs on the phone I’d be happy to do that.

On iPad pro 10" 512GB with iPadOS 13.3, there are no mid-session crashes that I recall but sometimes, when you wake the iPad from a lock mode into Roon, the app crashes. I just mentioned this because none of my other apps have this behavior. It is odd that we see crashy behavior on iPhone and not iPad, frankly.

Hi @miguelito,

I agree that this seems like a plausible cause. We actually had a discussion with the technical team regarding this issue today, I’m letting you know this because we’re taking this issue seriously.

Sure, we can take a look at logs. In the previous logs I’ve seen regarding this issue it’s been unmanaged crashes (no information is logged in an unmanaged crash), but I can certainly look on your end as well.

Let’s start by getting some timestamps for when the issue occurs. Can you note the exact local time + date when you next observe it on each device (and indicate which device the issue occurs on)?

After getting this info I can enable diagnostics mode for the iOS devices and see if we perhaps get some more information regarding this issue from your end.

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Will do. BTW, I recently cleared the cache in the iOS app. I have not noticed the crashy behavior so far - but the same thing had happened previously. So when I start noticing, I will try and get you datetime stamps so you can trace the log.

BTW, my iPhone and iPad are both running the same versions of iOS and Roon (albeit it’s iOS for the iPhone and iPadOS for the iPad), and have the same memory, so the fact that the iPhone app becomes unstable is quite the mystery to me.

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BTW, Roon occasionally hangs on my iPad, which is running Roon exclusively in Guided Access Mode. I’ll file a bug report if it persists.

Crashes just started on my iPhone. 21:41 EST on Feb 1st 2020.

Ok… Crashing frigging non-stop now. Hope you’re getting useful logs.

Hi @miguelito,

I took a look at your iPhone logs and unfortunately there’s not much info contained in them. We’re still investigating this behavior internally and actually had another meeting today with QA regarding your report and other similar reports.

It doesn’t look like more logs or timestamps will help debug this as the crashes are unmanaged and seem to be originating from from the iPhone Operating System (and subsequently are not logged in Roon).

The investigation is still ongoing, if we need any further info we’ll be sure to reach out. Thanks again for your patience here.

Thank you.

Interesting observation: I was just playing Joni Mitchell’s “Blue” and it was showing on the iPhone screen. Then I searched for Billy Cobham, went to his album “Spectrum” and (with no screen touch action on my part, just waiting) after a few seconds of displaying “Spectrum” the app crashed (or was killed by the OS). Interestingly, on restart it went back to the state when I was looking at “Blue”, not “Spectrum”.

Seems as if it was finishing loading something related to the “Spectrum” album view and it got killed midstream.

Like I said this only happens on the iPhone…

More info in case it helps:

Noticed the app crashed just sitting there for a minute or so - no interaction from me, just poof!

Like I said in the past, once it starts crashing, it crashes ALL the time - I don’t recall an instance in which I was able to use the app for more than a few minutes when it didn’t crash. I don’t understand how this is not reproducible in xcode simulator.

This behavior is iPhone-exclusive, doesn’t happen on the iPad (as I also said many times).

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I’ve had the very same behaviour (crashing while sitting idle on a Roon screen after 30 seconds or so). The iPhone would get very hot within a short period of launching a Roon, having it crash and repeated a few times. I deleted the app and reinstalled. This made it worse, Roon crashed within a second or two from start up. After considerable mucking around I switched the wifi network on my iPhone from 2.4 GHz to my 5Ghz network. Roon on my iPhone is now stable.

Ok, one more data point. Although I have to say this can’t possibly be the reason for the crashes - Roon has no idea what wifi connection is in place, just a network API. But regardless, something got reset in your phone.

Moreover, it is quite bizarre that my iPhone (XS Max 512GB) and iPad (Pro 512GB) are so close in specs, and yet Roon is stable on the iPad but a disaster on the iPhone. It is also clear that the OS is killing Roon for some reason. I have tried deleting the image cache to no avail.

However, it is the Roon team responsibility to make this work. I am getting massively pissed about this issue. There is NO OTHER app that I use regularly that does this.

You’re right, the single data point of mine is not at all conclusive. To further test, I have rejoined my 2.4 GHz network and Roon is still stable.

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Just echoing this as I’m watching the thread. I’m having the same behavior with an iPhone X and am really frustrated by it. It does seem clear that the OS is killing Roon. I hope there’s a solution on the way. This is limiting my ability to enjoy Roon every single day.

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I’ve been waiting a few days to make sure, but the app appears stable on my iPhone X since the iOS 13.3 public beta that was released early this week. There’s still the issue of it frequently forgetting that the iPhone itself can be an audio device, but that’s for another thread. @miguelito I wonder if this week’s iOS update is making any difference in stability for you? (If you are willing to try the beta iOS)

It isn’t evenin the South Africa I Store yet just checked