iOS crashing constantly

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The iOS app CONSTANTLY crashes. It does not seem to do the same on iPadOS. But on the iPhone it’s essentially unusable for me. It crashes within seconds of using it. Is there a solution or workaround?

Here’s hoping because it’s exceptionally frustrating!


Well first thing I would try is to uninstall it and reinstall it again.

When you say install it and install it again do you mean UNinstall it? I already have it installed.

Well assuming you did mean that I have just uninstalled and reinstalled the app and within 30seconds it crashed. So that didn’t work.

Yes I did…edited…but ok well have you also tried quitting all the other apps running on the phone as that can something’s leave no ram for roon to run properly.

Specifically what model iPhone?

First off: Thanks for the help! It’s much appreciated. Should have said that before.
It’s an iPhone 11Pro.
I have just quit the apps (of which actually there were lots open). I’ll see how it gets on and will report back.

Well 9 hours since then and it would appear its not crashed within seconds so some improvement.

iOS does benefit from killing all the apps every few days I find. it always surprises me how many things I have to kill too…we use much more than we care to admit :wink:

It’s not uncommon to have several 10’s or even more web sites open in the browser too that will suck up a lot of memory too. closing a lot of those you dont need open any more will help too.

The other trick some one reported was

Uninstall Roon Remote on iOS

Reboot the iOS device

Reinstall Roon

I have Roon running on 2 iPads , iOS 12.x and 14.x

I see a odd crash , but I keep active apps to a minimum and close stuff off regularly

I keep getting these crashes on my iPhone 12 Pro on 14.4.1 and have been getting these for months no matter what version of iOS I am on.

I don’t get them on my iPad Mini so definitely an issue with the iOS app only. It is incredibly frustrating.

I just turned off Roon as an app to be backed up, reinstalled it and turned Roon backup back on.

The app remains open for a grand total of 30 seconds- which is a record. I am finding myself in a massive hurry to try and find what I am looking for before the app shuts down.

I am really starting to regret my recent decision to finally buy a lifetime licence.

Please do something once and for all- I am not the only person reporting this problem!!!

Thanks for the tip @wizardofoz but as per the other comments above, sadly quitting the other apps has not helped: It still crashes
I have similar experiences to @Nick_Yanakiev in that my iPad does not crash.
I too find myself frantically rushing to play music in the hope I can achieve this before the app crashes (again…)
I hope there is a solution in progress.

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It is just incredibly frustrating.

@roon team how are people expected to use Roon at all when this is a prime example of a show stopping issue???

Especially considering the fact that the majority of your users use iOS?!

Apologies for the trouble, @Edward_Goodwin. Our team is looking into this, please see this post for details: