iOS iPhone remote app does not show audio device [Resolved - Private zone]

Roon Core Machine

I have Roon installed in a windows 10 machine and everything is up to date and working fine.
I have the room remote app on my iPhone and that too is working well except it is not showing one of the audio devices so I cannot select it and control my music remotely.
Attached are 2 images showing the device I want to control ‘KEF Office’ and also the devices I am offered to control .
Any clues? The device is a pair of active speakers connected to the roon server by usb

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Connected Audio Devices

Library Size

Description of Issue

Hi @Lee_Lewell

Did this work previously from the iPhone or has this never worked?

If you look on the Windows machine, is it set as a Private Zone? Can you share a screenshot of how it looks there?

for some reason I had set it as a private zone… All is good now

TVM Dylan!

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